It’s nearly that time of year when the kids start writing their letters to Santa, my kids have already done it and this year Santa wrote them a letter back too! You just can’t beat the magic of Christmas with kids can you? When that Santa letter drops on the doormat there is a lot of excitement and a huge sign that Christmas is well and truly on it’s way. Magic Santa Letters very kindly offered to do our Santa letters this year I can honestly say that Santa did good this year! These were by far the most magical… View Post

If your kids are like mine then Christmas is very much on their radar now. Around this time of year I like to get the Christmas books out to read to them. Little Man especially loves a Christmas story so I am always on the look out for new ones that are a bit different to the norm. We were very kindly sent Santa’s Wish by Samuel Langley-Swain to review and this book has definitely ticked a lot of my Christmas book boxes! What’s it about? The book is described in the blurb as a modern twist on the Christmas classic and this… View Post

I have written many many times about my twins being premature. If you want to read our story then you can here. But for today, on World Prematurity Day I wanted to join in with the conversation going on on blogs, social media and probably in person too. The wonderful charity Bliss (a charity for babies born premature or sick) are heading up that conversation with their hashtag #prematurityis. 15 million babies worldwide are born prematurely so imagine the amount of stories out there about these amazing tiny little humans! There are still so many stories to tell and so… View Post

If the title of this post has caught your attention because you are an anxiety sufferer then you will probably end up nodding along to what am I about to say. However, if the title sprung out at you because you know someone who suffers with anxiety then keep reading because this might be really useful for you! Just like people using the term OCD incorrectly the word anxiety can be used in so many different scenarios. This, unfortunately is often where the problem lies for people like me who have been dianosed with anxiety. If you have never suffered… View Post

**Trigger Warning** Welcome back to my series Life After the Loss of a Twin. I have had some really great feedback about raising awareness with these posts so I am glad I am not just sharing my story but others too. Losing a twin is such a bittersweet experience and brings on such a range of emotions. As always, with baby loss there is no right or wrong way to navigate the grief but I was interested to hear how other twin loss parents coped with it. Today we are hearing from Rhiannon from the Instagram account Twin Mum Minus… View Post