If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am one of the one in four and one of my twins was born sleeping in July at 29 weeks gestation. I’m not a regular viewer of Coronation Street at all but when I saw that they were having a baby loss story line I couldn’t help but watch. Some would say I was mad, in fact some people did say I was mad. I can’t really explain why I watched it. I sat in my living room on my own and the box of tissues on the table… View Post

I am on my second maternity leave now and although it started in a rather unconventional way with lots of hospital visits we are now in the midst of ‘normal’ maternity leave. However it is quite different this time round than it was when I had my first baby. I asked a couple of friends who are on maternity leave with number two or have recently been on it what they thought too. Here are our 5 reasons why maternity leave is different second time round. No more PJ days – Now my eldest is in preschool there are no more… View Post

‘What are your new years resolutions Rach?’ someone asked me the other day. Argh the dreaded question! Does anyone else feel like that? Don’t get me wrong, I like the feeling that comes with a new year; I’m a planner so I like to be able to look ahead into the year and plan what will happen. The difference with that and sharing it with the whole world or Facebook at least is that it’s private. I write them in my diary or even just keep them in my head but let’s be honest if I do them or not… View Post

*Runs in* I’m back!! Happy New Year! Okay so it’s 5 days into the new year but no more lazy mornings took a bit of getting used to! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas; it feels like a lifetime ago now! I do like a bit of reflection at the beginning of the year so I thought I would share my top 10 most read posts from 2016. I thought twice about doing this post to be honest as it contains some sad memories but this was my year and in a way it sums it all up beautifully.… View Post

So here we are, it’s Christmas Eve and I am about to take a week off the blog. I just wanted to wish everyone a really happy Christmas. I hope it is filled with happy chaos, too much food and a cheeky glass of something. For us, it will be a strange one but I am determined to make it perfect. Happy Christmas!