If you have ever been to your local hospital for scans, appointments, etc have you ever noticed the Neonatal unit? I hadn’t. I had been to my local hospital numerous times when I was pregnant for the second time. Consultant led care came with having twins so I was in the hospital often every two weeks. Looking back on it now I probably walked past the Neonatal unit nearly every time I visited. Not once did I notice. The first time I noticed where it was was when I was being wheeled down there nearly 12 hours after having my… View Post

Myself and Little Man are always looking for new stories to share together so we were very excited to receive James and the Birthday Balloon by Nicola J Rowley to review. James and the Birthday Balloon is all about a little boy called James and his best friend Ruby. At Ruby’s birthday party they both get a special balloon each. Unfortunately Ruby loses hers and ends up falling over whilst she is looking for it and hurting her leg. Ruby goes to hospital and James visits her to make her feel better to give her his special balloon. One of the things I… View Post

How the weather can affect anxiety may seem a bit of a random title for a blog post but stick with me. Some people are affected by the weather in really negative ways like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) however this isn’t what I suffer from. I love warm cosy winter evenings, under a blanket listening to the rain outside. I actually quite like the winter months but they do affect my anxiety. Little Man was born in October 2012 and the winter that followed that month was a harsh one. There was a lot of snow and I was a… View Post

What do you think when I say Marigold? Rubber gloves right? Oh there is so much more to Marigold and I have had the pleasure of finding out more about their products which if you know me is pretty much my cleaning dreams come true. They provide so many more amazing cleaning products than just rubber gloves and Marigold very kindly sent me some of theses products to try out. Firstly we’ll talk about their range of cloths, there are cloths for every cleaning need. My favourites are the Oops Away Multipurpose Cloths which come on a roll, a bit… View Post

So we are a week into the Easter holidays and if you are like me then you will be climbing the walls because of the rain! There is so much rain!!! With a 5 year old boy who needs to be outside and occupied all the time and an energetic 1 year old I have had to be on the ball with rainy day activity planning. So today I am sharing with you 5 of my top rainy day activities to do with the kids when the rain seems to be endless! Baking – Okay so it means a messy… View Post