A Good Mummy Day

Yesterday I felt myself and Little Man needed to get out of the house, I have Mondays and Tuesdays at home with Little Man and we had stayed in all day Monday.

We have a park on our estate and I decided we would walk there. One problem, it was cold, freezing in fact and Little Man has recently decided he is allergic to wearing hats, wellies and gloves so the prospect of getting him ready for our walk did not fill me with glee. I tried the ‘lets be completely normal approach’ – “do you want to put your wellies on Little Man?” and to my surprise he went to get them and sat still while I put them on. “Little Man, want your hat on?” I tentatively asked and yet again on went the hat. Gloves were still a no go but 2 out of 3 was not half bad.
We walked to the park, Little Man holding my hand like a good sensible 2 year old (believe me this is not normal!!) all the way. When we arrived….Mummy fail! I hadn’t thought the ice that had been around first thing had turned into water and the swings, slide, see-saw were all wet. “Little Man, we can’t go on the things here today because they’re wet” I said. I mentally hid behind a tree waiting for the tantrum that would no doubt begin. “Okay Mummy, red car play” Little Man said. The red car that he had been gripping tightly all morning went on the swings, down the slide, over the railings and more. I have to say I was surprised. Don’t get me wrong Little Man isn’t a particularly naughty child but all the things I had put before him were normally things he would have had a great big old toddler moan at and he didn’t. I’m not really sure why this happened but he had a great time at the park with his car playing on everything and we both got a nice dose of fresh (very fresh!) air.
It’s days like this when I give myself a high five and really love being a Mummy and seeing my little 2 year old start to understand the world around him.


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