Memory Photo Project #1

In a blog post yesterday I told you about my plan to trawl through the thousands photos I have taken since Little Man came into our lives with the aim to make a photo album of all the most special photos for us to look through as a family.

I started this morning and I promised I would share some so here’s a couple I found today.

 12 Week Scan (13+1)
Of course a very special photo is our first scan picture of our little man. This was such a special day for so many reasons, we had been trying for a baby for 2 years so this was the day we had been waiting for. Perfect.


This was my baby shower food table. A lovely day arranged for me by my closest friends. All of my friends and family got together and played silly games and shared baby stories. A great afternoon and just what I needed at 36 weeks pregnant.

P1030136The photo below is from the day we got to bring Little Man home. After a week in hospital before giving birth and then 2 days after having Little Man, I just couldn’t wait to get him to our house. After that first nerve-wracking car journey we popped him in his moses basket and breathed a sigh of relief. What we had been waiting for for 2 years had finally arrived.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos with me. I am so glad I started this project, when we are busy working Mummy’s it is so easy to forget the most precious moments. If you want to see why I am doing this you can find out more here.

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