Memory Photo Project #2

I have sat down for 10 minutes to add a few more photographs to my album for my Memory Photo Project. Here are some more memories I wanted to share with you.

All of these photos came out of the November-December 2012 folders – this was when I was organised with the photos! Little Man would have been around 3-12 weeks.

This photo makes me giggle, I remember G taking ages setting up the camera on our mantle piece so we could take a family photo. As you can see Little Man wasn’t impressed as he’s having a good cry and apparently wasn’t in the mood for a photo!

I love this Daddy & Little Man photo just because of how content they both look but also because Little Man has Ewan the Sheep on his lap. If anyone out there is looking for worthwhile gadgets for a newborn. I would highly recommend Ewan. He got Little Man off to sleep within seconds, perfect for night feeds.


This was Little Man’s first Christmas. He is in there somewhere surrounded by so many wonderful gifts from friends and family. He was a very spoilt little boy that Christmas!

So, there we go another few of my favourite photo memories. Would love to see some of yours.

You can see more in this series below:


Happy Friday!! (Nearly the weekend!)



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