Memory Photo Project #3

Here we are again. Back to mooching through my photos to get them into some sort of order for my Memory Photo Project. I have to admit, its taking me a lot longer than I anticipated. Its lovely to do though. You don’t realise how much you forget! Here’s 3 more from my collection. These photos were taken in Jaunary and February 2013 so Little Man would have been aroun 3-4 months.









This was was the first time Little Man saw snow, I think this was more a moment for us rather than him as he hadn’t really got a clue why we had wrapped up in a snowsuit (he hated them) to take him outside for 5 minutes but still a lovely memory nevertheless.


This was Little Man’s first experience of a ball pit at his first kids party, I’m not sure if he looks impressed or not but I can’t get over those cheeks!!!!
 This picture melts my heart. It was the first night Little Man slept in his cot in his own room. As every mother knows this is a heart wrenching moment but thankfully it was very successful and he slept really well clinging onto his thumb all night.
I hope you enjoyed another glimpse of baby Little Man, let me know if you’re doing something similar.
If you want to see more in this series, you can find them here:
 Have a good day!


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