Memory Photo Project

If I were to ask my parents for a baby photo or two of myself as a baby then they would climb into the loft whip out a few photo albums and we would sit and look at them. Easy. At the moment, if Little Man were to ask me the same thing I would pull out the laptop, tablet or phone and we would scroll through the numerous photos I take every day, some are perfect, some however are blurry or pictures of the floor that have been taken by accident! There is something lovely about sitting down with a photo album and flicking through the carefully selected photos and reminiscing. Photographs of course are captured memories.

With all this in mind I have decided to go old school. There are websites such as that will print photo books for you and this is what I want to do. Little Man is only 2 and I must have thousands of photos saved on various devices around the house. Do I ever look at them? Not really yet I always pick up my wedding photo album to have a mooch through. I am going to pick out my favourite photos from the last 2 years and design a photo book which will then land on my doorstep and we will have something tangible to look at and to remember. Everything was such a blur in the first few months of being a Mummy that these photos are especially important to me, so I can trigger the memories that seem to be hidden in my brain somewhere. This could take me a little time due to the amount of photos I have but I am so excited to dedicate a few evenings to trawling through all our memories from the last couple of years. I will share a few with you along the way, I’d love it if anyone wanted to share some too.
Happy Monday!!


  1. January 21, 2015 / 7:25 pm

    I so want to do this! But I couldn’t choose which pictures! It’d be a big old book lol x

  2. January 21, 2015 / 7:36 pm

    I think thats what mine is turning into!! Its lovely looking through them though. Thanks for your comment. X

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