Successful Toddler Haircut!

So the day came when I looked at my slightly scarecrow like son and decided we needed a professional to have a go at his rather sticky out crazy locks. My Mum had given him a quick snips here and there with the nail scissors ( we were too scared to use anything else!) but it was getting a bit desperate so I asked my Mum if I could come along to see her hairdresser. Mums hairdresser is a mobile hairdresser and cuts my Mums and Nans hair in my Nans kitchen. This would definitely be my first tip.

Mobile hairdressers are a godsend when it comes to kids haircuts. I have to say I have struck extra lucky as she is a part time teaching assistant in a primary school so is really good with kids but still, the benefits to Little Man having his hair in my Nan’s kitchen were great. He sat on the chair for a bit, got bored so sat on the floor, walked around a bit and the hairdresser just followed him around the kitchen.

I took a vast amount of toys with me to keep him entertained but the thing that worked the best was good old fashioned food bribery. He had a packet of mini gingerbread men and by the time he had munched through those the haircut was done. I was slightly concerned about him eating hair by accident but he managed fine!

Doesn’t he look smart?!

Another thing that helped was that my Mum had her hair cut first so Little Man nipped in and out of the kitchen to watch so I guess he knew what to expect when he went in there.

We have been a few more times since this initial trip and it has always been successful so I wanted to pass on these little tit bits in case anyone is else is preparing for the first haircut.

Have a lovely day!


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