We went to find the Gruffalo!!!

I don’t think I know of one toddler who doesn’t like the Gruffalo stories. I know Little Man loves them as do his little friends at nursery. A while back my Dad found out that the Forestry Commission had set up Gruffalo trails around the country so off we went one chilly Monday morning to find him. As I said this was a while back now but I wanted to share it with you all because I noticed they finish in February and if you haven’t been yet its well worth a visit.

We visited our local Wyre Forest but I think there are 15 trails dotted around the country. It is a free activity although you could pick up an activity pack for £2. The trail at Wyre forest was about a mile long and I wondered if Little Man would get tired but he was having so much fun, he walked the entire trail. There are little markers along the way to follow and little tunnels made out of twigs which Little Man found really exciting and then eventually hidden away amongst the trees we found a sleeping Gruffalo. It was actually quite a lovely magical moment, Little Man was thrilled to have found him and spent ages prodding him and trying to get him to wake up! I have shared some photos witt you of the trail. I didn’t take that many as I was having too much fun to be honest. I would really recommend these trails for a nice morning walk with a bit of added excitement. You can find more about them here.
Let me know if you go!!
Have a wonderful day.

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