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I never really intended this blog to be one about my anxiety as I didn’t really talk about it to anyone so writing about it is kind of strange. However, I have had such amazing feedback from the posts so far that it’s nice to write something that is helping others in the position I was in a year or so back. This is a bit more of a light hearted subject but really very important.
I use a lot of techniques to manage my anxiety daily but I like to keep it in check too, not just attack it when it comes along. One of the techniques I find most helpful to manage my anxiety is relaxation. Now, the guided relaxation recordings that you can buy and the music you can listen to is great and I definitely use it but I think to truly relax you have to find your happy place. G works away 3 nights of the week so I try to have at least one of the nights as my ‘Rachel Night’. Its usually on a Tuesday night when my working week starts the next day as this can sometimes be a trigger for me; worrying about getting Little Man to nursery and me to work on time, etc.
Anyway so here are the ingredients for my happy place (I should point out this all happens when Little Man has gone to bed):
  • My PJ’s  – this is a must for me. G got me some Cath Kidston pyjamas for Christmas and they make me very happy – little things!1538846_10153631693020594_1308187526_n
  • Jobs Done – this puts me at ease knowing that earlier in the day I have the bags packed for the next day, clothes laid out so we are ready to go out the door.
  • My Bed – I go to bed really early, not to sleep but to relax. I sometimes find it quite lonely sitting downstairs alone so like to go up to my room where it feels more cosy.
  • Tablet (the electronic type)– I try to stay off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for one night a week but I love to read a few of my favourite blogs or watch some vlogs that I like.
  • A Book – I love reading (I’m a Librarian so it comes with the territory) but I don’t get to do it much now so I love to settle into bed with a good book. I find reading a really good way to relax as you completely enter into the world that you’re reading about rather than thinking about your worries. I’m currently reading ‘Billy & Me’ by Giovanna Fletcher.
  • A Treat – A little chocolate bar maybe or whatever food is a treat for you. For some people chocolate hinders anxiety rather than helps so maybe this isn’t for everyone
  • Sleep – After doing all this I feel ready for a good sleep. I try not to stay up too late so if I don’t get to sleep straight away it doesn’t really matter.
 These all sound  like really simple things to do but when you are a busy working Mummy the little things that you used to do a lot pre baby become lost in the mass of washing, playing, housework, work and get forgotten about. You don’t always need fancy relaxation techniques. Whether you have anxiety or not trying to take an evening for yourself doing whatever it is that makes you happy is beneficial to all those busy Mums and Dads out there. I would love you to share what you do to help you to relax.
Have a lovely day.
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  • you baby me mummy
    08/02/2015 at 20:44

    Lovely things huni. I work every night as soon as Baby goes to bed, often until after midnight, so I need to work on the relaxation thing! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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