Book Reviews: ‘Zip It’ & ‘Train’

Little Man & I have been reading two new books this week. They are Train by Judi Abbot and Zip It by Patricia Hegarty; they are both published by Little Tiger Press.



Zip It is a great interactive book based around introducing children to different types of fastenings. I don’t know about you but zips, buttons, poppers are often a headache in our house. Little Man likes to try and unzip his coat for example but often ends up frustrated when he can’t do it. On each page of this book there is a different type of fastening (zip, button, velcro, popper & lace) coupled with a little animal based scenario to keep little ones interested. Little Man loves this book, he is two and a half so the laces part is a bit beyond him yet but he loves to have a go at unbuttoning the pigs nose, looking under the ducks wing or zipping up the frogs mouth.



The pages are colourful and engaging and will keep little hands occupied for ages. The added bonus being that children don’t even realise they are learning something as they work through this book. All of the fastenings are toddler proof and have taken some yanking and pulling with nothing falling off or getting damaged.


If you’re in the middle of teaching your toddler about dressing themselves, this is a great addition to your book collection.


The book Train could have been written for Little Man, he loves every kind of vehicle there is and this book is based around many of his favourites. Little Elephant only wants to play trains and his friends only want to play with their own vehicle (cars, planes and diggers). After a bumpy train ride all the toys get muddled up and the friends end up playing with each others toys learning that games that aren’t their own are fun too. Little Man happily sat and listened to the whole story which is often difficult for him as he can get distracted.


The illustrations are beautiful and there is a lot of repetition within the story which is great for reading with toddlers. The story also teaches about sharing toys (always a challenge in a toddlers world!) and how to play with other children. We have the board book version so it nice and sturdy too. If you have a little one who is very precious about a certain toy this story could really help when trying to explain sharing and playing with others.




Train costs £4.99 to buy and Zip It is £8.99. Both of the books recommended ages are 3-5 years. You can find out more about Train here and Zip It here.


These products were sent to us for reviewing purposes, the opinions and thoughts within the review are my own.

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  1. 09/03/2015 / 19:00

    Love the idea of fastenings to practice on making it fun. Lovely illustrations. Thanks for sharing #KidTested

    • 10/03/2015 / 09:26

      Yes, I think the book will last us a while especially when we enter into doing his own laces!

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