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Thank you to the lovely ladies over at Life With Little Men & A Little Lady and One Of Each Kind for my nominations for The One Lovely Blog Award.How it works;

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.

Right, 7 things about me.
1. I like elephants, I’m not sure why I do or where it came from but I have pictures of them all over the house!
2. I once had my hair chopped off – I once had a horrendous hair dressers experience where the hairdresser lopped most of my hair off and I ended up with tufty bits everywhere. Nightmare!!
3. I recently started wearing glasses – Since I have started blogging I have been looking at the computer screen more and seem to have acquired eye strain. Hello lovely glasses, love them!
4. My little man was 10lb 6oz baby – that’s all I need to say really isn’t it?!
5. It’s 5:45pm and I’m already in my pyjamas – I love my pj’s, Cath Kidston ones to be precise. If I could be in my pj bottoms all day I would be.
6. I don’t like eggs – never have, never will. People try to persuade me that they are tasty but I don’t believe them, too stinky to be tasty!
7. I am a librarian – I have been one since I was in my early 20s and even though I am surrounded by people having jokes with me about saying ‘shhh’ etc, I love it!
Here are my 10 nominations:
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  1. 14/03/2015 / 19:48

    10lb 6oz- ouch!! I thought my girl was big at 8lb 2oz 😉
    I love my pyjama bottoms! I would love to live in them, but instead I live in my leggings which is the next best thing!
    Fab post 🙂 xxxx

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