Toddlers are Awesome

Toddlers are Awesome!

The key word that surrounds our toddlers is tantrums. They come in bucket loads; just when you think they’re getting the hang of being little people, there they go again right into a huge meltdown. My 2 and a half year old Little Man is no different, he has tantrums sometimes over the smallest things. When it snowed a few weeks ago and some snow fell onto his toy plane he had the mammoth of all tantrums. Oh and when he worked out he couldn’t pick up his own shadow…well that was tantrum central. However, even with all this I have to admit I am loving having a toddler. He literally makes my Mummy heart burst!


He is my little friend, when he was a baby he pooed, slept, pooed, had a bottle, pooed, cried, pooed. You get the jist, there was a lot of poo. Now though he is this little person; he talks to me, he asks me if I’m okay when I hurt myself and well, he is just brilliant. We spend a lot of time just the 2 of us and it is great to have a little buddy to spend the day with. He has a very cheeky sense of humour which makes me laugh but its the times where he is not trying to be funny that amuse me most. For example, I asked him the other day if he was thirsty, he replied with ‘I’m not thirsty, I’m Little Man’. The seriousness in his voice was hilarious. I also told him a couple of mornings ago that he had a croak (he had a croaky voice), he was holding a stress ball from his Daddy’s study at the time and has forever more called that a croak!

So amidst all the tantrums and the slight fear of him growing up and not being my baby any more, I love this toddler time. It is a little glimpse of the sort of man he will grow into and watching him soak up everything around him is magical. Toddlers are awesome. Fact.

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  1. 21/03/2015 / 00:36

    Toddlers *are* awesome. Despite all the tantrums, this is the time in their lives when everything seems to be changing and accelerating on an almost daily basis – height, physical co-ordination, language skills, sleep patterns and so on. Enjoy this time while it lasts – it passes so quickly!
    Tim recently posted…Seeing the lightMy Profile

    • 21/03/2015 / 12:08

      It is so amazing to watch him changing him everyday like you say. Thanks for commenting.

  2. 21/03/2015 / 22:50

    Toddlers are fun! It’s search a lovely time when they are learning new things every day. He sounds like he has a lovely personality!

  3. 22/03/2015 / 07:17

    I have a toddler and you are right they are awesome. Hard work at times, but it’s amazing to watch them grow x
    Susan Mann recently posted…Silent Sunday – Week 12My Profile

    • 22/03/2015 / 17:44

      Yes, you can’t get more honest than a toddler. Thanks for commenting.

  4. 23/03/2015 / 11:51

    You are totally right! Felt like we’ve had the ‘terrible twos’ for last 3 months since Miss G turned 20 months but she is so full of personality and super talkative. I love watching her learn and grow and every day there is something new. Yeah for toddlers x
    Kelly recently posted…When the Claws Come Out!My Profile

    • 23/03/2015 / 12:32

      I think we may have had them early too to be honest. Glad you’re enjoying your toddler. x

  5. 25/03/2015 / 18:08

    I love having a toddler! Now that she is saying more words and doing a few 2 and 3 word sentences we can sit and have a little chat. She will come up and say ‘mummy dance’ and we will have a little boogie or she will ask for a cuddle. She can have the WORST tantrums at times and she is stubborn as anything but she is definitely awesome.
    Charlotte @ Educating Elsa recently posted…Wicked Wednesdays 01.My Profile

    • 25/03/2015 / 18:58

      Aw how cute!! I love it when Sam asks for a cuddle. They are so much fun 🙂

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