Easy Peasy Pasta Play for Toddlers

Pasta Play

My Mum used to run a playgroup back in the late 80s and early 90s. She then went on to work as a Learning Support Assistant in a primary school. Because of this she has a wealth of great activities for kids up her sleeve. She visits every Monday and is often armed with wrapping paper tubes, baking ingredients or some other home made craft for Little Man to have a go at. It’s great! I thought I would share with you some pasta play that Little Man has been doing with her recently.

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My Mum bought along dried pasta which she had soaked in water and food colouring for a few hours the day before. She then drained it, dabbed it with kitchen paper and left it laid out over night. The result – green pasta or green beans which is what Little Man was convinced it was. She also bought some wool with her so Little Man could thread the pasta which was great for his fine motor skills and co-ordination. Little Man also enjoyed simply tipping out the pasta and putting it all back in the tub and  sending it down tubes.




Mum said that the bag of pasta cost her 35p so this is super cheap and super easy activity. It has been toddler tested and Little Man loved it. We have had loads of use out of the pasta too, only having to throw it away when it became a bit brittle and I began to find bits of  green pasta everywhere!


I hope you likes this activity, if you have a go with your toddler tag me in a picture on Instagram, I would love to see!

Have a lovely day.


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