A Poem from Grandad

Last weeks blog post from my Dad was very popular so I thought I would share one other piece of writing from him. This time it is a poem which he added on to the bottom of his email to me last week. I hope you enjoy it, I think it is rather sweet and funny.


Come on Little Man

It’s time to play

Ok Grandad I’ll choose today!


Come on Grandad

Lets race, ready steady GO

Oh no Little Man I’m far too slow!


Come on Grandad

Lets climb that tree

Oh no Little Man my poorly knee!


Come on Grandad

Lets be trains on a track

Oh no Little Man with my bad back!


Come on Grandad

Lets play hide and seek

Oh no Little Man I’m feeling weak!


Come on Grandad

Lets fly like a plane

Oh no Little Man I can’t take the strain!


Come on Little Man

My turn to choose

Oh no Grandad I don’t want to snooze!


That is the end of my Grandad blog posts I’m afraid, unless he gives me any more material. I might try and persuade him to set up his own Grandad blog!!

If you would like to see last weeks post from Grandad click here.

Have a lovely day.

Mami 2 Five

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