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Welcome back to my Parenting Hack series. I love things that can make my life a bit easier and that is what this series is all about. I want to talk today about online grocery shopping and what a god-send it is.

Let me take you back before I had Little Man. Grocery shopping would be a relaxed affair, I can’t say I particularly enjoyed it but I was in no rush, I could saunter down the aisles picking up what I wanted and stand in queues till the cows came home.

Now let me bring you to the now, the present day. A trip to the supermarket with a toddler as I’m sure many of you will know is not a relaxed affair at all. It is a stressful, time-limited, downright horrible affair.

Just last week I took Little Man to Asda, got him excited about sitting in the trolley, got to the carpark. I hadn’t got a pound for the bloomin’ trolley!!! I offered Little Man the never used buggy still sat in my boot but got told that ‘buggys are for babies Mummy’. So off we went hand in hand into Asda, at first it was fine, after a bribe of a present (shameful I know) Little Man walked around the first few aisles happily chatting to me. Then he got bored. Really bored. He wouldn’t stand still so I could look at things, I was dragged around the supermarket at toddler speed and forgot half of the things I had gone for. We stood in a queue; well I stood in queue, Little Man sat on the floor in a strop, moaning and crying. We finally got out and back to the car. However I left something behind. My sanity.

This was just a quick shop; a basketful of things. Can you imagine a full weeks shop?! No nor me which is why they NEVER happen any more.

Every Tuesday morning I log onto the Tesco website, I work through my shopping list adding it to my virtual basket and book a delivery slot. On Thursday evenings (when Little Man is in bed), a nice friendly man brings 4 crates up to my door. I unpack them straight into my kitchen cupboards and then I sit down. Sanity firmly intact. Who ever decided that this was a good idea deserves a medal. Saving the sanity of parents everywhere. No more tense arguments in the frozen aisle and no more screaming tantrums in the toy aisle.

Thank you supermarkets everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this parenting hack and if you haven’t already signed up to online grocery shopping. Do it. Do it now.

Have a lovely day.

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  • Kim Carberry
    15/05/2015 at 14:01

    I get my shopping delivered every Saturday by the lovely people at Tesco….
    My girls are older….7 & 12 and it is no easier….They’re past the getting bored stage. They actually love shopping but my purse can’t handle it. They want EVERYTHING! lol
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Motivated! My Word of the Week! #WotWMy Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      16/05/2015 at 14:16

      Oh yes, sounds like I’ll be doing it for a few more years yet then 😉 x


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