Top 5 Activities for a Rainy Day with A Toddler

Recently there have been quite a few rainy days which has put my plans of sunny picnics in the park to bed for the day. I’m not a fan of staying in the house all day so I have been forced to think of out of the house but not outdoor rainy day activities this spring.

Crafts, crafts and more craft – I’m not known for my crafty ways but we have a craft box and Pinterest often provides some much needed inspiration. Cutting and sticking, stickers, playdough, the list goes on. Toddlers love getting messy so I grit my teeth and ignore the glitter flying around my living room and get stuck in!20150518_104416

Swimming – So yes, you get wet and I could have saved a few quid and just stuck him out in the puddles but swimming is a great way to pass a couple of hours. You could even throw in a cheeky hot chocolate and cake in the cafe afterwards!

Garden Centre Trip – This is a newly discovered activity for us. We have a huge garden centre nearby and it proved a great morning out for Little Man and I. We had a look at the animals and decided that we would like a tortoise for a pet. I mooched around the pretty over priced gifts and Little Man had a swift go on the (usefully dried off) play area in a gap in the rain! Oh and we found the cake too!



Play date – Play dates are a great way to get yourself out of the house and tire our toddlers out. Alternating going to each others houses is a great way for a cheap afternoon out. You can’t beat a good play date – tea, cake (there is a theme developing, I know), chats and kids playing till they drop.

Soft Play – I have to admit this is a last resort for me, soft play makes me crack up a little bit. If it is raining more than likely every mother and toddler in the area will be at soft play but if push comes to shove soft play is a great way to pass a rainy morning with an energetic toddler. Oh, there is usually cake there too!!



Do you have any good rainy day activities suggestions? I would love to add to my list (please make sure they include cake)!

Have a lovely (hopefully sunny) day!


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  1. 29/05/2015 / 19:17

    Great list – I too also resort to softplay as a last resort! We sometimes try to visit an aquarium if we have discount vouchers!! Completely agree with the garden centre, today the weather has been horrid but we went and planned a veggie box inside at our local garden centre. Result 🙂 #TheList
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…New Dinosaur Island Park – SouthwaterMy Profile

  2. 30/05/2015 / 21:04

    Great ideas! Dare I say it but TV features on rainy days here – most likely to watch a film. Other things are baking, den making and snuggling down for a read-a-thon, watching the rain and looking for rainbows, tea parties and playing shops. I love heading to the garden centre though – win / win for mummy & kids alike. Ours does have softplay too though (hell). Our library is a good bet too – it has toys and a wonderful cafe!
    Sian recently posted…7 Things To Do In JuneMy Profile

  3. 30/05/2015 / 22:56

    My little girl isn’t quite a toddler but we love swimming. It’s one activity that I still really enjoy if I haven’t got any other adult company, although I do enjoy cake and a chat afterwards. I’ll have to try the garden centre as baby is just starting to take a real interest in animals so the pet section might be a winner! We love the aquarium as well, our local one does free re-entry for a year 🙂
    Love From Clueless Mum recently posted…Why I Tried To Ignore The “Bressure”My Profile

  4. 31/05/2015 / 00:17

    The promise of cake and coffee always gets me through a hectic soft play visit! Let’s hope we get some nicer weather soon. The local library is somewhere we have been going lately to pass an hour when the weather isn’t good enough for the park. #TheList
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  5. 31/05/2015 / 14:10

    Love the idea of going to visit the animal bit in the garden centre… We have a big pets at home nearby which has lots of different animals to see. Funnily enough though, he always finds it hard to see the animals – a fluorescent coloured parrot could be doing jazz hands right in the middle of an enclosure and he’d still have trouble spotting it!
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    • 31/05/2015 / 17:11

      Hehe yes that happens to us sometimes especially the reptiles!! xx

    • 01/06/2015 / 08:46

      We do too but sometimes Sam just has too much energy for the house and I need to run his legs off for a bit hehe xx

    • 01/06/2015 / 08:46

      Oo some good ideas there! We’re off to the Library in a bit actually xx

  6. 02/06/2015 / 20:00

    great ideas we like to do some baking on rainy days, kids love it and the tasty treat at the end doesn’t go a miss 😉 Thanks for linking up to #kidscorner x
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