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Thank you to the lovely Misunderstood Mummy for nominating me to do the A-Z of me tag! This was harder than I expected, I could think of loads of things for some letters but others I couldn’t think of any (U?!). So here’s a little bit more about me in the form of the alphabet!

A – I don’t like to start with a negative but this would have to be for anxiety. I am in recovery from this now but post-natal anxiety has been a big part of my life for the past couple of years.

B – I love my bed. I thought sleep was over rated before I had Little Man. Not any more, I am in my bed by 8pm some nights nowadays!!

C – I would be lost without my car. When G is away I would never get Little Man to nursery by 7:30am and myself to work by 8am without it.

D – I love seeing daffodils as it shows me spring is coming. This pleases me a lot.20150219_083955

E – I love elephants. I’m not really sure where my interest in them started but I have a great collection of ornamental, cuddly and pictures of elephants.

F – I love my friends. They are wonderful.

G – G my husband.

H – I am a bit obsessed with housework. I never feel like our house is as clean and tidy as I would like it to be and am constantly playing catch up. I have to admit if I am in the right mood, I love a bit of a housework session.

I – I have an irrational fear of ice – the weather variety. I hate walking and driving on it. Freaks me right out!

J – If you follow me on Instagram you will see the silly amount of pictures I post of me in my pyjama bottoms. If I am not going out for the rest of the day, the jim jams are on!

K – I am a firm believer in karma. You get back what you put in. If you are a nice person, people will be nice to you. Simples.

L – I am a fully fledged, (3 years of university) trained Librarian. I am currently a School Librarian in a secondary school.

M – I am rubbish at make-up but this year I am on a mission to do better. I have been watching lots of make-up tutorials on YouTube and researching products to improve.

N – When Little Man was 10 months old he started nursery for 2 and a half days a week. I was very wobbly about doing this and was unsure I was making the right decision. However, Little Man loves it. He has made friends and is very excited to leave the house when it is a nursery day.

O – October – the month my life changed forever and my little man came into the world.

P – I love a pizza night. It is my favourite take away and makes me very happy!

Q – Ducks go quack. And it was one of Little Man’s first words!20150502_142158

R – I love to read. I find it hard to fit in now but I love nothing more than sitting down with a good book.

S – Little Manuel – my boy.

T – I am turning thirty in August. I am excited to start planning a few celebrations and my first child free night since Little Man was born.

U – I asked G if he could think of anything for U as I was stuck, his response – ‘you have a sparkly umbrella‘.

V – I am a huge vlogs fan. Not so much a fan of making them myself but I love watching them. I find myself watching more vlogs than normal TV at the moment.

W – I always liked writing but I have completely fallen in love with it since starting to blog. I love the outlet it gives me, the diary I have created for Little Man and the support it provides for my anxiety.

X – I would imagine most people will say xylophone so I’m going to jump on the band wagon. Little Man has a toy xylophone and I can’t say I like the sound very much! Might be the way he plays it.

Y – I tried yoga a year or so ago as something to help with my anxiety. I think I went to the wrong class as it scared me off and I couldn’t bend anywhere near as much as the (much older) ladies I was surrounded by. I really want to try again so have been looking at a few beginner videos on YouTube.

Z – Zzzz’s – I would like more of them please.

There we go, hope that has given me a little more of an insight into all the random parts of my life. Bet you always wanted to know I own a sparkly umbrella!

Now it’s my turn to nominate; Beau is Blue & Cornish Mum, want to play?

Have a lovely day everyone.

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  • Misdunerstood Mummy
    06/05/2015 at 12:41

    Ah this is fab! So many of these almost made it on to my list too! Especially Karma, so true! xxx
    Misdunerstood Mummy recently posted…Things I wish I had done before I became a mumMy Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      07/05/2015 at 19:22

      Oh yes, can’t beat a bit of karma 😉 xx

  • A Cornish Mum
    06/05/2015 at 12:52

    Thanks for the tag lovely, I may struggle with some of the letters, but I’ll give it a go!! Fab list,

    Stevie xx
    A Cornish Mum recently posted…Arlington Court – National Trust DevonMy Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      07/05/2015 at 19:22

      Enjoy 😉 xx

  • Lianne @ One of each kind
    06/05/2015 at 14:13

    Great post, I’m very envous of your sparkly umbrella. I too could do with some more zzzz’s and on often in bed by 8pm some nights, it’s hard being a mum x

    • Mummy in Training
      07/05/2015 at 19:22

      Hehe it is a rather pretty umbrella!! xx

  • Linda Hobbis
    09/05/2015 at 13:20

    Found you via #brilliantblogposts I would have struggled with X as well. X-ray machine is a bit tenuous, isn’t it? And we’re all chasing more zzzzz’s x
    Linda Hobbis recently posted…A Bit About The Hobbis FamilyMy Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      09/05/2015 at 18:37

      Hehe thanks for stopping by. Yes I thought xray but I haven’t had one!! xx


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