5 Newborn Things I Couldn’t Have Lived Without

I started writing my blog just after Little Man turned 2 so I haven’t really touched on Little Man the baby! I thought I would start with sharing 5 things I couldn’t have done without when I had a newborn. Here we go.

Ewan the Sheep – We purchased a Ewan at the Baby Show before Little Man was born. I was skeptical I have to admit but we used it from the get go. It was perfect for getting Little Man off to sleep especially after a night feed. It even helped to get me back off to sleep too! Little Man’s favourite noise was the one from inside the womb. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is expecting, Ewan went everywhere with us.


Dummy – I was that parent that said I would never use dummies and low and behold after a day of crying I found the emergency dummy and…peace! Little Man took to it straight away and it really helped to settle him. I also found it useful when I was trying to get Little Man into a routine with his feeds as sometimes he just wanted something to suck rather than milk. I was lucky that he dropped it himself when he was about 6 months and sucked his thumb instead. I wouldn’t hesitate to use one again.

Sleeping Bag – Little Man was a tall baby so the moses basket didn’t last very long. I wasn’t ready for him to go into his own room so we used a travel cot in our room for a while. Little Man looked tiny in it so I put him in a sleeping bag to help make him feel more secure. They worked really well with him and he only stopped using them when he went into his toddler bed.999548_10152903763330594_1729729134_n

Ready-made Formula Cartons – These were a godsend. We used ready made formula when we were out and about. Snip the carton open, put in bottle, warm bottle, job done.

Help – So this isn’t a product but it’s probably the most important thing. Everyone says to you never be afraid to ask for help but as a new Mum I wanted to do everything myself. That is just not realistic. If help is offered, take it. We are not machines and sometimes we need to shower and get out of our pjs. If you use none of the other things from this list, use the help.

Was there anything you couldn’t have lived without with a newborn?

Have a lovely day.



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    • Mummy in Training
      28/06/2015 / 13:04

      Ah yes, we struggled with swaddle blankets, Sam didn’t like being held in! xx

  1. 27/06/2015 / 10:18

    Dummy and wind up Sun teddy to get her asleep.
    Janine recently posted…Last DayMy Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      28/06/2015 / 13:03

      Fab! x

    • Mummy in Training
      05/07/2015 / 14:24

      Oh yes,they’re brilliant! xx

  2. 08/07/2015 / 00:14

    A baby carrier! My stretchy wrap and ring sling were lifesavers especially in those early months when baby needs to be near you all the time. Even more helpful when you have older children that need you do do stuff too! Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x
    Katie recently posted…My Sunday Photo ~ Happy Birthday to Me!My Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      10/07/2015 / 09:10

      Sam would never go in his baby carrier! I still have it new in the box! xx

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