Creating an Autumn Box with your Toddler

I posted a while ago a post about pasta play that my Mum had done with Little Man. She visits us every Monday and with her background in pre school education often comes armed with cardboard boxes and cut out pictures. Little Man loves doing these activities with her.

Last week she had the idea of doing an autumn box with Little Man, based on the idea of having an autumn table at nursery. She used to run a playgroup and often did this for each season. I thought I would share it with you as Little Man really enjoyed it.

She bought along a shoe box and some autumn pictures she had cut out from a magazine. Little Man stuck the pictures on the box to decorate it.

Then we put our wellies on and went out collecting. Little Man collected pine cones, conkers, acorns and leaves to name a few. He loved it.

We bought them back home and he put them in his box. We have been collecting things ever since. Little Man loves to sit having a mooch in his box and takes great pride in telling people he did it with his Granny!



This is a great cheap activity and fabulous for teaching your toddler about Autumn. Has anyone done anything similar?

Best of Worst