Little Man’s 3rd Birthday

Little Man turned 3 yesterday and wow, we have had a busy few days. Little Man has loved every minute though and the smiles have made everything worth it.

Little Man's 3rd Birthday

Celebrations started with his birthday party on Sunday. Little Man is a massive Disney Planes fan; I have watched the films so many times it is unreal. We decided go with that as the theme for the party. We hired out our local village hall and some soft play equipment and let the kids loose. The soft play stuff was a huge hit with the kids and parents. Soft play without the stress of kids you don’t know and the possibility of them getting up so high that they can’t get down and you have to go in and get them. The room was full of Disney Planes balloons and the tableware was full of Dusty Crophopper (he is the orange plane if you haven’t seen the film). My parents made the most amazing cake and we did Happy Meal style lunch boxes for the kids. We were exhausted but had some help from some wonderful family and friends.


Monday, Daddy was at home which is a novelty in itself and we had a quiet day clearing up the after math of the party and then went out for a family meal in the evening. We had a lovely meal; Little Man ate pasta and ice cream which are his two favourite foods!

Unfortunately, Little Man was poorly on the Monday night so we ended up having a very quiet day on his actual birthday. Poor little thing.

I cannot believe my little Little Man is 3 but he is so ready for it and so another year begins, I can’t wait to do it all again next year. But for now I am a little bit of a broken Mummy and hoping for a rest at the weekend!

How did you celebrate your toddlers birthday?

A Cornish Mum

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