How to Survive the Christmas Shops with a Toddler

Six months ago I avoided the shops with Little Man as much as I could. He would never stop to look at anything with me, if he didn’t get his own way there would be tantrums galore and the amount I ended up paying in bribes was set to bankrupt me! Not wanting to be shop avoiding forever (I really like shopping!) I tried lots of advice and tips I had read online and gleamed from other people over the next six months. I am little scared to type this incase I jinx it but so far so good. Little Man is much much easier to take around the shops now.

Christmas shopping is a whole new level of shopping isn’t it? Scary people slightly pushing, no space in the car parks, bags & bags of shopping. So I thought now would be a good time to share my top five tips on how to survive the Christmas shops with a toddler.

How to survive the christmas shops with a toddler

Give them things to look for – Keep those little humans talking and looking. This works perfectly in supermarkets; I ask Little Man to look for all sorts of food as we walk around keeping him occupied.

Prepare them – Now Little Man is 3 I explain to him where we are going and why we are going prior to getting out of the car or leaving the house. For example, I tell him we are going for a present for Granny or we are getting something for lunch.

Snacks – Little Man loves snack time. So I always take snacks out with us. This is especially useful if I need him to sit in a trolley and stay in it!

Pick your time – I don’t have to take naps into account anymore unfortunately  but before Little Man gave them up, I used to avoid the shops at nap time like the plague. Tiredness and busy shops don’t mix with toddlers. I also avoid times close to lunch time or dinner time as Little Man has a short fuse when he is hungry.

Avoid the toy aisle – I have gone down the toy aisle by accident and instantly regretted it. It’s like showing a dog a bone and then taking it away. This is more tricky at Christmas but if you can avoid toy aisles, do it at all costs.

So there we are, I hope they help this Christmas. Does anyone have any tips to share

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  1. 15/11/2015 / 15:28

    Oh shopping is bad with kids, my oldest who’s 7 now has always hated it. He always asks before we go….. Are we going into Primark? He hates it in there lol as do I but there’s so much stuff, I love shopping too! I’ve got another son now too who hates shopping also I try very hard to avoid shopping with them at all costs, last time I went shopping I was so flustered that someone stole my purse full of money! Great tips, getting them to help out at the supermarket is a great idea x #TheList
    Pauline recently posted…Project 52 – My Family Photo Week 10My Profile

  2. 16/11/2015 / 02:04

    Oooo…like the tip about giving them things to look for…. I have to grocery shop with my 4 and 2 yo old and am looking forward to it like the plague…Amen for online shopping. Thanks! #TheList
    Anna Brophy recently posted…MUMMY MUCKED UPMy Profile

    • 17/11/2015 / 17:43

      Oohh yes! I am a huge fan of online shopping but I shop a lot at Aldi now so have to actually go hehe xx

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