10 Things I Have Loved – 2015 New Year Special


Before I start, I really want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Argh it’s 2016! I am not one for new years resolutions but I am excited to start the new year. I want to wish everyone a really happy 2016 and also thank you to my readers and my blogging buddies who made 2015 extra special as my first blogging year.

Anyway, back to why I am writing this post. Every month I join in with the wonderful Stevie at A Cornish Mum Blog. She is running a linky based around listing 10 things of anything but I love her idea of listing 10 things that you have loved each month. It is a really nice way of looking back over the month and all the lovely things that have happened. However, this time I am going to look back over 2015 and choose my 10 things from that. It’s proved quite difficult as I am happy to say I have had some lovely times this year and have made some amazing memories.

So, here are my 10 things that I loved in 2015 in no particular order!

1. Birthdays – I love a good birthday celebration but 2015 saw my beautiful boy turn 3 and myself turn 30! We had some really lovely celebrations for both. Little Man had a great Planes themed birthday party and I was treated to some lovely days out courtesy of my lovely friends and family. I really have embraced turning 30; I didn’t think I would but I have loved it.

2. This Blog – I could talk on and on about my year of blogging but I will save it for my blog birthday which is coming up on the 13th of January. What I will say is blogging has really changed my life and I wouldn’t be without it now. It has brought me friends, confidence, sanity at times and of course some lovely opportunities too.


3. My Little Boy – My beautiful-no-longer-a-toddler-little-boy. I have watched Little Man grow up so quickly this year. I have found having a threenager tricky I have to admit but I am so very proud of him and can’t quite believe he is 3 already. Everyone warns you to treasure every second with them but it is so true. He is already too cool for a kiss from his Mummy!

4. Tattoo – For my 30th birthday I went and got a tattoo! I don’t think I ever wrote about it on here, even thought I fully intended too. It is only a small one and I got it for very personal reasons relating to the kicking my anxiety’s arse. I love it and makes me smile every time I look at it.


5. Anxiety – Obviously I have not loved anxiety this year, not one little bit. However, this year has been the year where I leant how to deal with it. I had little professional support but found The Linden Method and worked through it myself. I am not free of it; I’m not sure I ever will be but I have felt able to do so many more things in the later part of 2015 without it hanging over me. I hope that 2016 brings more of a recovery.

6. Days Out – We didn’t have a holiday in 2015 so we tried to have a few nice days out for Little Man. We visited CBeebies Land, West Midlands Safari Park and an airport to name a few. Little Man had a lovely time at all of them and it was so nice to get him out experiencing different things.

7. Friends – As always I am super grateful for my friends especially a few very close ones. They are what keep me sane especially on the nights I am on my own.


8. Christmas – I can’t really not mention Christmas can I!? This Christmas was a perfect one with my little man. He was fully invested in the whole thing and it was so very magical. I will never forget his face when he opened his present from Santa and realised he had read the letter!

9. Our Living Room – We have been in our house for 5 years and the living room was in real need of a face lift. My Dad and G worked really hard in a week in November and made it so lovely and just as I had imagined. Look out for a more detailed post coming up soon about this.

10.Confidence – With turning 30, beginning my recovery from anxiety and starting my blog has come a confidence in me which had long been lost. I feel more in control again and I feel much happier with myself. I saw this quote the other day and it really sums up what 2015 has given me the beginnings of.

960So 2015 has gone and 2016 has begun. I shall be back with my usual monthly updates at the end of the month.

Happy New Year!
10 Things I Have Loved This Month

A Cornish Mum



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  • Pickinguptoys
    01/01/2016 at 19:12

    Happy New Year!It’s amazing how quickly they grow up isn’t it.I no longer have any little babies now my youngest is 3 and sometimes I miss it and others definitely not 😉 it’s been lovely following you this year and seeing your pics,I loved your eyelashes at Halloween.Hope 2016 is brilliant for you xx #tenthings
    Pickinguptoys recently posted…Things I have liked/loved DecemberMy Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      02/01/2016 at 10:57

      Aw thank you hun, same to you. Love your blog! xx

  • Julie S.
    01/01/2016 at 23:33

    Lovely list! Great work fighting anxiety and hope it stays away for good!
    Would love to have you link this up to my #GratitudeGoals linky 🙂
    Julie S. recently posted…Gratitude and Goals Jan 1, 2016 #GratitudeGoalsMy Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      02/01/2016 at 10:58

      Thank you so much, I will take a look xx

  • A Cornish Mum
    01/01/2016 at 23:52

    You are too kind to me as always my lovely *blushes* 🙂 I love this post, what a wonderful year and especially with overcoming the anxiety! Go you 🙂 By the way the selfie photo of you with a pinky looking top on in the second lot of photos down is gorgeous, my favourite one I’ve seen of you gorgeous lady! I have hair envy too, mine is a disaster right now.

    I hope 2016 is an amazing year for you, and I am so glad you’ve grown in confidence – I swear turning 30 does something as I was the same…or maybe it’s blogging?! We are also blog birthday buddies as mine was started on 13th Jan last year as well 🙂

    Happy new year and thank you for linking up to #TenThings
    Stevie xxx
    A Cornish Mum recently posted…First Pick ‘n’ Mix Blog linky of 2016My Profile

    • Mummy in Training
      02/01/2016 at 10:58

      Thanks lovely. Yay to us having joint blog birthdays!!! xx


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