In Your Easter Bonnet 2016

So the costume stresses of World Book Day are behind us and here we are at another Mummy stumbling block for me. Easter bonnets!!! I am without doubt one of the least creative and arty Mums I know.

Easter bonnets are not my strong point.

Last year (you can read about it here), I took to Poundland and literally purchased every single bit of Easter related craft product they had and threw it onto a hat. It came out okay in the end. This year for various reasons I have had less time so I have gone along the copying route. Shameless I know. I went onto Pinterest and copied a bunny Easter bonnet. Off to Poundland we went again and got the things the nice Pinterest lady told me I needed and we went home to make it. My only redeeming point being that Little Man helped to make it so he had a part to play and enjoyed it too. A couple of Mum points thrown my way?! Thank you!

I will share a few photos with you now of the making of the copied Easter bonnet!





So there we are, what do you think? I’m not sure Little Man is keen as he wouldn’t let me take any photos of him in it. However, his Easter bonnet parade is tomorrow so keep an eye out on my Instagram for photos of him modelling it or not wearing it. We shall see.

I hope your Easter bonnet making sessions have been stress free!

Happy Easter!

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