A Visit to Coventry Transport Museum in Pictures

Earlier in the month we decided to visit Coventry Transport Museum. Even though it is not far from us I didn’t know much about it and it was only after seeing a friends pictures on Facebook that I realised this was somewhere that both the boys in my house would love! On their website they state that they have the largest collection of British road transport in the world and it is plain to see. The museum is a must visit for car and transport lovers young and old. We had such a lovely time and Little Man was fascinated by all the different types of cars throughout the years. And to top it all off the museum is absolutely free! Here is our visit in pictures. Some of the photos aren’t great as I was only taking them for personal family pics but we had such a lovely time I wanted to share it with you.







20160402_104006_resized  20160402_103112_resized


I hope you liked the photos. If you have car loving people in your family I would highly recommend a visit!

Have you been?

A Visit to Coventry Transport Museum in Pictures

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