4 Years Ago I Became Mummy

Today is my Little Man’s 4th birthday. 4 years ago today after a long induction he came into the world, all 10lbs 6oz of him! It only really feels like yesterday and with a new baby in the house certain things really remind me of his baby days.


To say I am proud of him is an understatement. Since turning 3 the change in him this past year has been amazing. There is no sign of that baby that was thrust into my arms. He is strong willed, kind, thoughtful and most of all a joy to be around.

His 4th year marked the beginning of a new journey for him; he went from nursery to preschool. A huge adjustment which he struggled with at first but now he is thriving in his new environment.


This year also saw him take on his new role of big brother. He adores this role. Of course if you are a regular reader you will know that this new role came with sadness too. He was expecting twin sisters but we only bought home one. He dotes on his little sister and has been more amazing than I ever could have wished for. He explains life to Little Lady; calmly reassuring her that milk is on the way or educating her about Paw Patrol.


This coming year will see him start ‘big school’ and although a scary prospect I can’t wait to see him flourish there.

My handsome Little Man has left his baby and toddler days firmly behind him and is now a fully fledged little boy. I couldn’t be prouder.

Happy Birthday Little Man. I am so proud to be your Mum.


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