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Little Man is a huge fan of the TV series Dinotrux. What is there not to like?! Half dinosaur and half truck these creatures are right up my little boys street. When I told him I had had the opportunity to take a look at some of the Dinotrux toys I scored some real Mummy points!! We were lucky enough to receive Skyla’s Tall Tail Slide, Garby Pull Back N Go Action Hero and Talking Revvit.

So, lets start with Skyla’s Tall Tail Slide.



This is the biggest of the three toys and comes with the main Sklya toy who can change positions to send a mini Revvit down his neck to hit the target and knock the Scraptor figures off the big rock. It also features a crane. This has really got Little Man’s inquisitive brain going; moving the neck to different positions to see where Revvit would land and whether he would knock the targets off. Even though this toy is quite long it is really quite compact and doesn’t take up much room at all.

Onto Garby. Garby is a recycling Dinotrux and is a pull back truck.



The pull back feature on this is great and very fast. Little Man loves to send this along a tiled floor. He has already asked for more of the pull back trucks.

Finally, Revvit. Revvit is my personal favourite.



He is a Reptool and has a drill on his head that spins when you pull his tail. There are different attachments for the drill as spikes on his back He also comes out with a few of his famous phrases. I have to say for a talking toy he is inoffensive and doesn’t annoy me!!! Lastly he has a tape measure for a tongue which really pleases Little Man as he always wants to play with Daddy’s tape measure but isn’t allowed.

I really am genuinely very impressed with these toys. The first thing I will point out is that they are already assembled in the box and they were also very easy to get out of the box! This is a huge plus point from a parent perspective when it sometimes can feel like we spend half of Christmas morning working out how to get toys out of boxes. Each toy feels of good quality too. Little Man has been playing non stop with these toys since they came and like most 4 year olds he isn’t particularly gentle with them. They have really stood up to his play and do feel really durable.


One of the main things I like about these toys is the imaginative play they spark. Little Man makes up little stories with these toys involving all three of them and sometimes other toys too and gets really into the story lines he makes with them. He even goes around the house measuring things with Revvit’s tongue.


But now for the real test. After all I’m just the Mummy. Here’s what Little Man has to say about the Dinotrux toys: ‘I love my Dinostrux toys. My favourite is Skya because I can do stunts on it. They are all really cool and I need the other ones now.’ I don’t think there could be a better review from a 4 year old; looks like Santa will be bringing a few more.

You can grab these toys at Smyths, Toys R Us or Argos and the prices are as follows:

  • Revitt – £29.99
  • Skya – £29.99
  • Garby – £7.99

Have you got a Dinotrux fan at home?



These toys were sent to me for an honest review; all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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