To Nursery You Will Go Little Lady

Dear Little Lady,

Here we are; nursery day. My littlest child, my last child. Milestones are huge with your first child but they feel even bigger with your last because you know you will never be doing it again.

You are more than ready for nursery. You are such a sociable baby and you are never happier than when you are with other children. The nursery you are going to is the one Little Man went to so we know you will be ok there; safe, happy and well looked after. All this aside, I sort of want to wrap you in cotton wool and attach you to me. I remember when your brother started there; he came on leaps and bounds within a few months and I know that will happen for you too. The baby in you is already going so fast. Can we slow it down?

Nursery makes us Mama’s so jittery. Will they know that when you’re sad you like a cuddle and a teletubby to play with? Will they know that finger food is a bit tricky for you. Will they know you need a little tummy rub before going to sleep? No, they probably won’t but they’ll get to know you just like you will get to know tem and I know they will adore you. How could they not? You are feisty, yes so very feisty but you are loving and warm and so very funny!

So as I pack your nursery bag up and fill it with nappies, changes of clothes and your sleeping bag I shed a little tear and hold you a little closer before you go to bed tonight ready for your big day, I know you will be amazing. You have been so amazing in your short life already!!

Here’s to the next milestone Little Lady. You will smash it!

Love Mummy xxxx



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