5 Tips On How To Make Your School Run Morning Go Smoothly

I have been doing the school run for a couple of months now and with a baby in tow too have had my fair shares of running out of the door, running into school, running pack with his lunch box. We’ve all been there right? Since going from doing the school run 2 days a week to every day I have had to sort myself out a routine otherwise I think the stress levels were about to send me a funny shade of purple. My boy is a good boy and most of the time does what I ask but he is also a bit like me and responds well to a routine. The last week or so I have felt like I have cracked it so I thought I would share my tips for getting out of the door without feeling like you are going to have a breakdown. It has made all 3 of us much calmer and made for a much happier morning. So here we are.
Get everything ready night before – I really do think this is the key. Even though it is the last thing I feel like doing once the kids are in bed, I lay out clothes, bags, shoes and coats for the next day. It’s ready to just pick up and put on in the morning. I do this for me too so I’m not fussing about an outfit and trying on loads in the morning! I even lay out the breakfast bowls, spoons etc.

Get ready first – I always get up before the kids on a week day. I say this but Little Man is of course awake too as he is an early riser but he stays in his room playing for a while. I shower in peace and do my make up. It just makes me feel ready to face the day and shakes off the sleepy feeling. Once the kids are on the move I only have them to think about then.

Don’t snooze the alarm – I used to be terrible for setting an alarm that was for earlier than I needed to get up. The intention was that I would get up and have a nice leisurely morning but what actually happened was that I just snoozed the alarm for another half an hour and would end up rushing. Now I know, when the alarm goes off I have to get up.

Involve kids in the routine – I like to give Little Man little tasks every day to keep him involved in what we are doing but also to stop him wondering off to play and then not wanting to get ready. Check lists for the kids can work really well too. When they have brushed their teeth, they can tick it off or when they have their shoes on. It may sound a bit regimented but it saves getting stressed out!

Do the same thing every morning – As I said, Little Man is a routine kid so he is at his happiest when he knows what is coming next. Obviously sometimes things are different but I try to keep to the same plan and routine every morning to make sure we are out of the door at the same time every day.
Do you have any tips to add?

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