Book Review – Shady Bay Buddies

As you know books and reading stories together are massive parts of our family life. We have been reviewing the Shady Bay Buddies series from Cico Kidz this week and we are really enjoying them. Cico Books is a craft publisher so they offer something a little different to the children’s book world. All the characters in the Shady Bay series are crocheted which makes for a really adorable read. The series is all based around childrens firsts. I think it is a great way to introduce new experiences to kids is through books, it really helps them relate to how the characters are feeling and also reassure them that everything will be okay in whichever new situation they are about to go into.

We have been reviewing Archie’s First Day at School and Archie goes to the DoctorIn Archie’s First Day at School we are walked through his day and everything that happened at his new school. The story is based around him taking his cuddly toy to school. Archie has a great day but his toy ends up covered in paint and milk. Archie decides that he will leave his toy at home when he goes to school the following day which I think is a problem a lot of parents face with favourite toys.

Archie falls off a swing in Archie Goes to the Doctor and hurts his arm so his Mummy takes him to see the Doctor. He is very nervous about going and gets comforted by his big sister. The story really does show a lovely comforting trip to the Doctor showing little ones there is nothing to be nervous or worried about.

Little Man really enjoyed the stories and especially related to the fist day at school story as it wasn’t that long ago when it was his. The stories are really engaging and both of the kids sat and listened to the whole thing. The illustrations are gorgeous with the crocheted characters, there is something very warm and comforting about them. The fact that they are like a childs cuddly toy makes them lovable straight away. Little Man hadn’t seen books like this before and he commented about how they looked very real to him. Little Lady was really taken in by the illustrations too.

We really enjoyed these books and Little Man has requested to read them at bedtime quite a few times which is shows they have been a hit with him. You can purchase these on Amazon for £7.99 each in paperback. In Autumn 2018 there will be additions to the series based around the first time moving house and a new sibling.


These books were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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