Why I Cut Out Alcohol To Help My Anxiety

I decided to cut out alcohol to help my anxiety about 4 months ago. Since then we have had Christmas, I have had a couple of evenings out and have had to say to people that I’m not drinking. I’m a 32 year old mum so you can imagine the look I get straight away! You can see peoples minds going into overdrive and their pregnancy sensors going mad. Nope, I can confirm I am very very very not pregnant.

So what made me give up my Saturday night glass of wine? Anxiety made me do it. I started to see a pattern the morning after I had had a drink. I felt more anxious, more on edge and a lot moodier. I was never a big drinker, a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday and Saturday night was my general habit but it still made a difference to me. Then I went onto medication for my anxiety. Everywhere said, even Dr Google that I could still have my glasses of wine on the medication but the medication makes me drowsy after I take it so I knew downing a couple of glasses of wine would have me asleep in seconds.

So I decided to give it up.

It wasn’t really meant to be a long term thing but actually I have felt a lot better for it. I have missed having a drink on a Friday evening when the kids have gone to bed but it is worth it when I wake up less anxious.

Now don’t get me wrong my anxiety isn’t caused by alcohol and if I for one minute thought this was an anxiety cure I would be shouting it from the rooftops but what I think it does show is that my lifestyle sometimes hindered my mental health. Everyone has their triggers and I know mine so when I was waking up feeling anxious without any of these triggers happening then that pointed to the booze.

In my dark anxious days I comfort ate, I didn’t exercise and those things didn’t help my mental health either so this is just something else to add to the list really. If you suffer from anxiety try looking a little bit deeper into your lifestyle because although not drinking alcohol hasn’t cured me it’s a a good feeling to take back the control a little bit and know that I am doing something that can take it down a level.

So this is my official notice to say I’m not pregnant, I am always the designated driver now and yes I am okay with just having a mocktail. Oh and there are some really nice non alcoholic wines in supermarkets too.


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