Let’s Build Each Other Up, Not Knock Each Other Down

This isn’t my normal type of post. I keep my ranting to myself because frankly I’m sweary and not very pretty when I do it but a couple of things have happened this week that have spurred me on to write this post.

Yesterday, I got trolled. I have had it happen to me once before but to be honest it always shocks me when it happens. I see a lot of the bigger bloggers and vloggers sharing horrific comments that they get and often count myself lucky that I am small enough to not get noticed avoid the trolls. Well yesterday that wasn’t the case. I’m not going to name and shame because I’m pretty sure that’s giving them what they want and I refuse to type out what they said. Just believe me when I say it was disgusting and they have been blocked, reported and the comment has been deleted so I don’t have to see it.

What I’m assuming this woman wanted to do was hurt my feelings. I have to say if someone that I cared about had said this to me then I would have broken down in tears but this woman didn’t hurt my feelings. She did baffle me though. What I can’t understand is what makes someone watch something (this was on my Instagram stories), not like it and then proceed to comment nasty things. If I watch something I don’t like I swipe away, unfollow that person or simply ignore it. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all and all that. The fact that what she commented on wasn’t something controversial and instead I was talking about the loss of my baby does make it worse. I mean, that’s just cruel right?

That’s not the only thing that has put me in rant mode this week, you have probably seen in the media about the poor blogger who got slated by a man after she put forward to a pitch to him. I won’t go into details but if you want to read more about it Harriet from Toby & Roo explains it all perfectly. Following this drama was all sorts of conversations over social medias that bloggers and vloggers have some sort of easy life where they get freebies and don’t do any work to get what they get. This is simply not true, I know that and hopefully you reading this know that too. But it is yet another example of this need to drag people down. To the people slating bloggers, does it really matter to them how we make our money? Is it really going to affect their life in any way, what is the point?

The goal in most of our lives is to get through it, especially as parents. We work hard one way or another to do what is best for our families. What works for one family more than likely wouldn’t work for another. Really, what business of anyone’s is it how we decide to work as a family?

Knocking each other down does not help whether it be from jealousy of something that you think you know about (not knowing what goes on behind closed doors springs to mind) or out of sheer maliciousness. It needs to stop. Life is hard enough without being nasty for the sake of being nasty. By writing this maybe I am drawing more attention to the trolls and the nasty people hiding behind their computer screens but that isn’t what this is about. Give someone a pat on the back today, be it virtual or in person. If you think someone is doing a good job then tell them. If all these keyboard warriors put their time in to telling people the good stuff or actually just keeping quiet then the online world would be a lot nicer for it.

We are all different, leading different lives and that is what makes for interesting conversations and diversity. Let’s carry that on.


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  • Emma T
    26/01/2018 at 13:51

    I totally agree. Thankfully in 6.5 years I’ve never been trolled. Actually not on my 6 year old blog, but I did have a comment on my 18 month old dance blog from an independent dance teacher who want moaning that I was talking about the big national brand too much and that maybe I should change my name to what about ceroc rather than what about dance. It wasn’t nasty, she was just being a bit stupid and was probably having issues with ceroc in her area clashing with her classes. So I just made the point back, that I talk about both but I can’t mention every single independent company but I can with the national one. Sigh. People are strange.

    But I do think a lot of people who troll or put others down, should just suck up their annoyances sometimes, or be more fair in their comments, and just let things go and scroll on by. It’s their choice to read, but it’s not their blog or social media to say what we should talk about.


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