My Mummy Sick Day – Past Versus Present

Ah the sick day before kids. It would start with waking up feeling rubbish, realising that in fact the cold I thought I had was more in the realms of flu. I would pick up my phone, call work and roll back over in bed. I would be feeling rubbish, yes but knowing I didn’t have to move from my sick bed was nice. Around 10am I would get up to see how I felt. Maybe I would venture downstairs for a drink, some meds and to raid the snack cupboard. Realising that This Morning was just about to start I would head back to bed and watch the whole thing. Yes, you read correctly, the whole thing. After maybe a cheeky viewing of Loose Women too, I would grab myself some lunch and then a shower. The best part of this, I would put clean PJs on! There is no better feeling than clean PJs. I would spend the rest of the day feeling suitably sorry for myself and watching a whole series of something on Netflix and although poorly I would feel rested.

That is the dream I had last Monday when I woke up with what can only be described as razor blades in my throat. However I didn’t call work and roll over to get snuggly back into bed. I instead rolled over to find a 5 year olds face dangerously close to mine at 6am telling me all about the latest video he had seen on YouTube. It was fine, I would dose myself and get on with it. After all, I never get really really poorly with these things and I would have probably just caught something from the kids. I did wish for a viewing of This Morning with the kids snacks I have to say but off on the school run we went. I was fine, I was smashing this being poorly but still parenting shizz. Then the school pick up hit and I was hit by a wave of exhaustion. By the time we were back I had aches in places I didn’t know could ache and I was shivering like a bloomin’ snowman. The days that followed did not involve midday showers and clean PJs, they did not involve still being in bed at 11am, I even forgot to take the cold and flu medication half the time.

The sick days of the past are pretty different to the sick days of now. The main difference being that I don’t have them. However the one thing that it did make me realise is that its okay to become a parenting skeleton staff. This term that I’ve just made up means that I just did the necessary. I did the school runs, I fed the kids and made sure they were clean. I sat down more and when the baby napped I tried to do things I could do sitting down. And guess what? Nothing fell apart. I thought it would. Yes, the house is a bit dustier than normal and I’m a bit behind with the washing but it really doesn’t matter. So to wrap this random still a little bit poorly, cold and flu medication induced rant, no I can’t have lazy sick days anymore but I can have slower ones and that’s okay with me. When my little boy took me off playing cars with him because the voices might hurt my throat that was enough for me.


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