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I love the idea of subscription boxes and getting a little pick me up once a month; a little gift to yourself is such a lovely idea. Well there’s one thing that comes once a month for us ladies when we definitely need a bit of TLC and that is our period. For me, it is the time of the month where my moods are low and I feel a little bit fed up. When Pink Parcel got in touch I couldn’t wait to review their subscription boxes.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box designed to give you everything you need at your time of the month and some extra little treats too.

When you register for the box you can specify whether you want tampons or pads or a mix of both. It is one less thing to worry about in your weekly shop and you won’t ever get caught out with not having any because your Pink Parcel box will have already landed on your doorstep. Not only that but you get a little box of treats to get you through your period week and beyond so that you can feel treated and pampered and a little less rubbish.

I reviewed the January box and I couldn’t have been happier with what I got in there. The box itself is pretty and discreet and when you open it up it is just as pretty. There is a little pouch of pads or tampons which is great to throw in your handbag and then three other boxes. There is a box for night time which is your period products for bedtime and a box for later which you can use to top up your pouch. There was a good amount of period products in each section too which I was really impressed about.

The third box is to cheer you up and has some lovely treats inside. The January box included:

  • A Emily Victoria chocolate chip candle which smells absolutely divine.
  • A mini bar of Doisy & Dam dark chocolate with maple, toasted rice and pink salt. I can assure you this tasted lovely!
  • A Hikari shimmer bronzer which looked lovely on.
  • A green tea primer. I hadn’t tried a primer before so this was a great way to try out a new product.
  • A Scentered Love Therapy Balm. My anxiety gets worse around my time of the month so this aromatherapy balm was great for me.
  • A Yerba Zing Herbal Tea. Another product I hadn’t tried.
  • A Manuka Honey face mask which was just lovely for a pamper evening.

As you can see you get lots in this subscription box. All the products are of good quality and it genuinely was a great pick me up for me.

Pink Parcel also do a Betty Box which is designed for teenage girls who have just started their period. It has the same set up but with treats designed for them. I love this idea and would have loved this as a teenager when I was just trying to work out everything periods.

Prices for the the Pink Parcel boxes start at £12.99 a month and I really do think this is excellent value for money. So if you are looking for a new subscription box to try and a bit of TLC around your time of the month head over to Pink Parcel. You won’t be disappointed. Use the code pp20 to get 20% off your first box!  


Pink Parcel sent me a sample box in return for an honest review. Opinions as always are 100% my own.



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