5 Picture Books to Read with the Kids this Easter

The Easter holidays are either already happening for you or they start at the end of the week like ours. If you happen to get any quiet time over the Easter break I thought I would share with you some lovely egg themed books to share with the kids. They are great for a topical bedtime story or just for a different book to read. We all know how annoying it can be when you’ve read the same book a million times over so it is always nice to update your bookshelf. So let’s get started.


Spots First Easter by Eric Hill

This is a great one for the little ones. Spot is an old favuorite in this house and the books never fail to engage the kids. This one follows Spot on his Easter egg hunt with lots of lift the flaps to keep little hands busy.


The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett

I love this story all about Duck who finds an egg to look after as he doesn’t have one of his own to look after. All of his friends think the egg is very odd and they have a huge surprise when it hatches. I always find kids react really well to stories like this where they are guessing what is in the egg. This is a really lovely story for bedtime.


The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing

This story is a take on the classic The Night Before Easter. It is written in the same style and is a lovely rhyming story. It follows a little rabbit who sees the Easter Bunny putting out Easter eggs for everyone. Little Man really enjoyed this one.


How To Catch The Easter Bunny by Adam Wallace

This is a really fun story. It is told by the Easter Bunny himself. He takes us through lots of different traps that people set for him so they can catch him and all his chocolate!! He then tells us how he manages to avoid them all and get all the chocolate to the kids in time. Little Man really chucked at this one.


We’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Laura Hughes

If you have fans of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt then your little ones will love this one. It follows the same sort of pattern with the bunnies looking for their eggs while coming across all sorts of stumbling blocks. Another great bedtime read!


Do you have any Easter books you like to read with your kids at this time of year?



This post contains affiliate links therefore if you click on one of these links and buy it I will receive a tiny bit of commission. As always I am always honest and only recommend things that I would purchase myself or have purchased in the past.

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