5 Rainy Day Activities To Do With The Kids

So we are a week into the Easter holidays and if you are like me then you will be climbing the walls because of the rain! There is so much rain!!! With a 5 year old boy who needs to be outside and occupied all the time and an energetic 1 year old I have had to be on the ball with rainy day activity planning. So today I am sharing with you 5 of my top rainy day activities to do with the kids when the rain seems to be endless!

Baking – Okay so it means a messy kitchen and a lot of cleaning up afterwards but baking is usually always a hit with the kids. We do easy baking; biscuits and cupcakes that sort of thing. Little Man tends to enjoy the decorating bit more so we do simple baking and then lots of decorating. It’s a great way to kill a few hours and a good way to melt down some of the Easter chocolate too!

Visit the Library – If you are a regular reader you will know I am an ex-librarian so I am always championing the Library. They always have free activities on over the school holidays and it’s a great way to spend a few hours. You can share stories together, do some colouring and maybe join in with a story time while you’re there. Don’t forget to bring some books home with you too.

Screen Time – Some people will agree with me on this and some won’t but as long as they aren’t on it all day I see nothing wrong with a bit of extra screen time on a rainy day. With so much for them to watch now using something like an Amazon Fire Stick where they have access to so many apps and content then it really can give you that half an hour peace to make dinner. Little Man likes to watch things based around how things are made or programs about animals and we are all suckers for a Disney movie. Make some popcorn, get under a blanket and enjoy some cuddles.

Go Out Anyway – Get the waterproofs and the wellies on. Put the rain cover on the buggy and go out in the rain. Jumping in puddles is so much fun to kids and so are muddy walks. If you are feeling the cabin fever then get togged up and get outside in the fresh air. It’s guaranteed to make everyone feel better and there is nothing better than coming back home and getting cosy under blankets after a wet walk.

Den Building – This is a favourite of my kids. Grab a couple of chairs and some blankets and make a den. You can invent all sorts of stories to capture their imaginations. Little Man will sit in a den for ages either chilling or playing.

So there are my top 5. Do you have any to add, I think I may need a lot more than 5 if this weather carries on!


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