Giving Your Exterior Landscape a Makeover

Installing a landscape can be a complex and tedious process. Getting the right landscaping equipment, installers and designers can drive a person crazy. With Commercial Silk, you can install the landscape of your dreams without any inconvenience. From having a wide range of products to offering professional services and guidance for the installation process, Commercial Silk has it all. The Benjamina ficus plants, in particular, are a hot favourite of customers. Here’s everything you need to know about the landscaping products:


Installation In A Variety Of Settings 

The Commercial Silk Benjamina ficus plants can be installed in all kinds of interior and exterior landscapes. Here’s a list of spaces where these plants are commonly installed:

  • Casinos, theme parks, amusement parks, hotels, corporate buildings, apartments and luxury villas are some of the places where these faux landscaping products are commonly installed.
  • Museums, art galleries, old age homes, hospitals, medical centers, doctor’s clinics, coffee shops and bars can also be decorated with the help of these plants.
  • Offices, restaurants, pubs, lounges, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and several other commercial places can be given a makeover with the Benjamina ficus plants.


Fire Retardant 

 While installing artificial plants in landscapes has become a popular trend, some people are still apprehensive about the installation of faux plants in their landscapes. This apprehension arises because people fear that their landscape may be susceptible to fires with the installation of faux landscaping products. In the case of the plants and trees offered by Commercial Silk, you don’t need to worry about your landscape and property getting damaged by an unexpected fire. The plants offered by Commercial Silk are fire retardant and safe to install in any setting. Special chemicals are impregnated into the raw materials of these landscaping products at the time of manufacturing. These chemicals ensure that the finished products are safe and fire retardant.


Weatherproof And Climate Tolerant 

 The best part about installing the faux plants offered by Commercial Silk is that you don’t need to worry about weather and climatic conditions. These plants and trees have been manufactured to withstand all kinds of climatic conditions. The leaves, stems, branches, and trunks of the trees and plants do not fade or lose their colour when placed in outdoor landscapes and exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. The faux ficus plants have a special UV protective chemical injected into them that prevent the landscaping products from deteriorating when installed in hot and dry weather conditions. These plants can also tolerate extreme rainfall, snowfall, humidity and all other climatic conditions without getting spoilt or needing regular replacement.


Easy Installation Process

If you don’t have knowledge or experience on installing a landscape, it can prove to be a complicated and confusing process. Hiring a landscape artist to complete the job for you can be extremely costly. In the case of the Benjamina ficus plants offered by Commercial Silk, you don’t need to worry about the installation process. All the products come with an easy to understand installation manual. With the help of this manual, you will be able to install the plants in a hassle free and convenient manner. Commercial Silk also has a team of professional designers and landscape artists that will guide you on how to install your landscape in an attractive and appealing manner. Professional installers are also available at Commercial Silk for easy installation.


Simple And Easy To Maintain

 Another reason why the Benjamin ficus plants are ideal for all kinds of landscapes is that these beautiful faux landscaping products need minimal maintenance. Unlike real plants and trees, the faux plants don’t shed their leaves seasonally creating a mess in the surroundings. Further, the artificial ficus plants do not need to be trimmed, watered, cut or pruned like the real plants. If the faux plants and trees get dusty or start looking dull, all you need to do is splash some water on the leaves to get their vibrancy and life back. You don’t even need to use special chemicals to keep the faux plants fresh and clean.


Affordable Option For A Makeover

 Considering giving your residential or commercial spaces a makeover is a decision that you need to make very carefully. Makeovers can prove to be extremely costly. In the case of the faux landscaping products, you don’t need to worry about spending exorbitant sums of money on the makeover. All the plants and trees available with Commercial Silk are extremely affordable price. They can be purchased in large quantities for big sized landscapes. You won’t end up burning a hole in your pocket when shopping at Commercial Silk.


Create Themed Landscapes

Commercial Silk has a massive range of plants and trees for you to choose from. Besides Benjamina ficus plants there are several other flowering, non-flowering and fruiting artificial plants for you to choose from. With this wide range you can create a themed landscape. If you’re looking to give your surroundings a tropical and summery vibe, you can install the artificial tropical trees in your landscape. People who wish to give their surroundings a winter feel can use the evergreen trees or deciduous plants and so on. Themed landscapes are particularly popular with customers who have themed hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces.


Now don’t waste another minute and place your order today. You can browse through the Commercial Silk portal and get an idea of the products available from the online catalog. You can even interact with Commercial Silk’s team of experts to select landscaping products that are best suited for your needs. From affordable pricing to top quality products, Commercial Silk will give you the perfect consumer experience.


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  • Alex baker
    20/04/2018 at 07:35

    Thanks for this lovely piece of information.

  • Ashwin
    19/12/2018 at 17:09

    I’ve started working on a large, shaded backyard, putting in seating, flowers and plants in a variety of containers. Also starting a natural haven for birds.


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