5 Practical Ways to get your Little One Ready for School

Little Man is in his final term of reception now, it is crazy how fast it has gone. Reading everyones updates about school places a couple of weeks ago really took me back to how nerve wracking it all was; waiting lists, appeals. And then when he did get a place the fear of how he was going to cope at school on his own without me or without his nursery teachers. There were lots of educational stuff we did with him to help him get ready for but there were a few practical things which really helped him cope well on his own at school but also set my mind at rest that he could do with things. With all that in mind, I am sharing my top 5 practical ways to get your little ones ready for school.

Dressing themselves – They will have PE when they start school and that means getting changed themselves. Make sure they can get dressed fully by themselves. At the beginning Little Man did come out on PE days with his trousers on back to front a couple of times but he managed to get everything on! When I knew they were having PE I would always leave his button on his polo shirt underneath as at the beginning he still struggled with buttons. Don’t forget to make sure they recognise their names on the labels too.

Opening lunch food – If your little one is opting for a packed lunch rather than school dinners like mine then this is an important one. I realised that I always opened things for him but I wanted to make sure he could do it himself in case the dinner staff were too busy to help him or if he was to shy to ask for help. I put little rips in packets and loosen tops on yoghurts or bottles of water.

Zipping up their coat – This one took a little work with Little Man but once he had mastered he was fine. Make sure they can quickly zip up their coats or their PE hoodies.

Going to the toilet – It probably seems a long time since you had to worry about their toilet trips but if they are still needing a bit of help when they have done a number two then it’s worth making sure they can wipe their bottom properly to save any accidents. It’s also worth shoving a spare pair of pants in their PE bag, just in case!

Set the morning routine – A couple of weeks before Little Man started I did a few practice runs of the morning routine especially as I had a baby in tow. We practiced a speedy breakfast, getting his uniform on and the drive and walk to school. This is great to get everyone into the swing of things before the pressure of the first day! You can read how our school morning routine went at the beginning here.

I hope these tips help, they all seem obvious but when there’s so much to think about then sometimes we forget about the little things. I know I didn’t think about the packed lunch issue until a friend pointing it out to me.

Have you got any to add?


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  • Sarah
    18/05/2018 at 11:27

    These are great, there’s so many things I didn’t think about teaching G before he started. I checked he could open his lunch boxes but we’re still working in zips! It was always easier for me to do it in the mornings but I’d sort of forgotten about how he’d manage during school!

    Luckily he’s in the nursery class so there’s less expectation but there’s definitely things to be worked on this summer xx
    Sarah recently posted…When Birthdays HurtMy Profile


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