How To Update Your Kids Bedroom Using Minimal Effort

When it comes to the house I like to change it, I’m always thinking of new ideas or finding new decor ideas however big changes can come with a lot of time, effort and money thrown in so I’m a big fan of making small changes to make a big effect. I want to share with you 5 top tips on how to do this with the kids bedroom. Kids have phases or things they like and that’s sometimes hard to keep up with especially if they like to change the theme of their bedrooms. Here are my top 5 ways to update your kids bedroom using minimal effort and hopefully not too much cash too!

1 – Repurpose Furniture – That tired looking chest of drawers and wardrobe may not be ready for the bin quite yet. You can paint it to give it a new lease of life or even pop some cool stickers on of the kids choice to fit in with their new bedroom theme.

2 – Accessories – You don’t have to make big changes to change the look of a room and this is where accessories come in. Try putting some bunting up or some new pictures on the wall. A new rug can brighten a room up too and a new light.

3 – Wall Murals – A super easy way of updating the walls is to use a wall mural. have some great murals you can use especially for kids. They are made to measure and come with lots of options including the quality of the wallpaper and a peel and stick version. This is great for the next time the kids want to change their room or if you live somewhere that you can’t make permanent decor changes. You can even upload your own image and have it made into a mural. There are so many designs to choose from so the kids can have all sorts of themes and let their imaginations run wild. Their prices are really reasonable too so no need to spend a small fortune.

Lego effect wall mural available at


Designer wallpaper by Philip Straub available at

4 – New Bedding – The bed is the main focus of the bedroom so try updating the bedding to bring a new look to the bedroom. You can get some lovely bedding nowadays for not very much money and it can make a huge difference to a room.

5 – Get Crafty – If you’re trying not to spend too much money on your makeover then get the kids involved in some crafting. They could paint some pictures that you could frame and hang up or decorate some wooden letters that spell out their name.??

I hope this gave you some inspiration to update the kids room. Do you have any more ideas?


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