15 Quick Self Care Activities for the Summer Holidays

So the summer holidays are on their way and with them brings very little time for us parents. However, the phrase You cant pour from an empty cup is still as true as ever and looking after yourself is still paramount to giving your kids the summer you want to give them. If like me, self care and time by yourself is super important for your mental health and to be the best mum you can be then self care becomes even more significant. As I am facing a summer of a lot less time to get myself too I have put together a list of 15 self care activities which will only take 5 minutes or that you can do once the kids are in bed.

Remember self care doesn’t have to be an hour of medication, it can be 10 minutes of reading a chapter of your book or just simply calling a friend for a chat. Here are my 15 ideas which I am going to work through over the holidays, I hope they help you too.


  1. Light a scented candle

  2. Read a book

  3. Have an evening bath

  4. Do a face mask

  5. Put on your favourite song

  6. Dance to that song

  7. Buy yourself some flowers

  8. Have a hot cup of tea

  9. Sit in the sun for 10 minutes

  10. Write down your worries/ to do list

  11. Listen to a podcast

  12. Unplug from social media

  13. Exercise

  14. Call a friend

  15. Eat your favourite food

Good luck with the holidays!!



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