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Welcome to my new series 5 Bloggers You Need to be Following. Every fortnight I am going to be sharing with you 5 bloggers I love to follow. These post will be separated into subjects such as mental health, small businesses, etc.

Todays post is all about bloggers I love to follow who talk about baby loss. After I lost one of my twin girls I scoured Instagram to find other Mums like me. It was such a comfort to find these super inspirational, brave ladies talking to honestly about their experiences. It made me brave enough to share my story on here because I knew first hand how much it can help others. Baby loss is one of the most terrifying experiences of your life and the pain, hurt and heartbreak never really stops but what these ladies did for me when I was reading their posts was give me comfort, hope and reassurance. Those, I think are very special things to give to a grieving Mummy.

So here are my top 5 bloggers you need to be following if you are looking for some comfort and support with baby loss.

Dear Orla – I first found about Michelle, the writer behind Dear Orla on a really moving podcast by Giovanna Fletcher. Michelle lost her first daugher Orla late on in pregnancy and I remember listening to the podcast with tears running down my face as she described how it felt when the medical team told her her precious girl had gone. The feelings she described were just how I had felt and in those few minutes of listening I knew I wasn’t alone. On her blog Michelle writes about baby loss and post natal depression so very honestly yet so sensitively too. The perfect pairing in my book.

The Legacy of Leo – I came across Jess’ blog through Instagram and I’m so glad I did. This ladies blog is incredible and gives so much back to baby loss parents like herself. The Legacy of Leo is exactly that; in memory of their little boy Leo Phoenix who was born sleeping. What Jess does for other parents is amazing, you need to pop over to her blog to see the full extent of her work but the one thing that sticks out to me is the #BabyLossHour on Twitter. It gives parents a voice, a place to talk to others and most importantly support. One thing that really stuck out to me when I visited The Legacy of Leo for the first time was this sentance – Whatever brings you across this blog, you are not alone’, sometimes that’s all you need to read.

Feathering the Empty Nest – I also came across Elle’s blog when listening to Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast. Elle lost her baby boy Teddy in the most heartbreaking circumstances and I remember listening to her story and just wanting to give her a hug! Teddy’s Legacy has now been set up and there is amazing fundraising going on surrounding it. This is to raise money for the Little Roo Fund to improve facilities in their local NICU which obviously is also something very close to my heart. Elle’s Instagram Stories make me smile every day and her very obvious strength rubs off on me too.

One Missing Mum –   Laura’s Instagram was one of the first profiles I came across after losing Heidi. I have watched her stories for a long time and really admire her bravery with dealing with life after loss and pregnancy after loss too. She has 3 beautiful children, her first being Findlay who sadly is sleeping. Her blog posts are honest and very real and I love that. Social media is a funny thing really, you follow people who don’t have a clue who you are but I can’t tell you how much comfort Laura’s Instagram feed gave me at the beginning of my own baby loss journey.

This is My Brave Face – Last but my no means least is Amy’s blog and I am so very pleased I found her. Amy also had beautiful baby girl twins in July 2016 and although we had very different experiences we both ended up losing one of our girls and we both had babies in NICU. Following her journey has been amazing for me even down to seeing her surviving twin Charlotte walk when things have been so tricky for my little lady in that department. Seeing Charlottes first steps gave me huge hope for Little Lady. Charlotte has made such an impact on how I deal with things and I’m sure she has to lots of other parents too especially those who have had twins.

So that’s it. 5 wonderful bloggers who if you are trying to find your way through the baby loss fog you should definitely be following. I really hope that some of my posts help someone as much as these have helped me.

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