Book Review – Finley’s Footprints

**Trigger Warning – Baby Loss**

Losing a baby was by far the most isolating time of my life for me. I had wonderful supportive people around me but when you are in the depths of grief you can’t believe that anyone can even begin to understand how you are feeling. Life was whizzing on around me and my whole world felt it had stopped with my 3 year old boy at home, one twin in Neonatal and of course her sister who had been born asleep not with me anymore. My head was a mess, I was a mess and I didn’t see myself never not being a mess again. Yet here I am two years on, still standing. A little bit wobbly but still standing.

One thing I did a lot of at this time was read about other peoples baby loss experiences, it helped me to feel a little bit normal for a while. I have recently read Finley’s Footprints by Mel Scott. 9 years ago Mel’s little boy Finley was born sleeping. Her whole world stopped too and as she says in her book, that day she changed forever. As I read the first part of the book I found myself in tears knowing exactly how Mel was feeling as she describes the birth of her beautiful little boy. I read the book in nearly one sitting absolutely full of emotion and grief for my own baby Heidi but also for Finley.

Throughout Finley’s Footprints Mel takes us through her baby loss experience day by day. She describes her thoughts as the day goes on and her feelings as she begins to find her new normal and learns to live with life after loss. There is a lovely rainbow surprise at the end of the book too.

As a baby loss Mummy I found this book so very comforting to read. Following another Mum’s journey so closely and being able to relate can bring great comfort to a grieving parent who is feeling alone. It really is a must read for grieving parents but also for the people around them to get a glimpse into how those parents are feeling or coping. I really believe that after reading Mel’s story a friend or family member could offer a much greater understanding to grieving parents and be able to help them through their dark times.

Writing about baby loss is brave and I really admire Mel for having the courage to write her story and of course Finley’s too. The work she has done not only in this book but in her other work for the baby loss community is amazing. I know that so many parents will take comfort from this book and hope too; it really is a true lifeline to those that need it. I know this won’t be the last time I read Finley’s Footprints


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