The Unexpectedly Tricky Parts Of Being A Parent

We all know a lot about the most problematic aspects of parenting: getting up during the night, doing all the extra chores, not having much time to yourself, etcetera. But there are other aspects of the job that rarely get mentioned, though they are hard to manage. But what are these unexpectedly tricky aspects of being a parent?


Watching Endless Reruns Of Children’s TV Programmes

Kids have a different taste in TV programmes to adults, to put it bluntly. And while parents tell themselves that they don’t mind the tenth rerun of Noddy or Thomas the Tank Engine, they secretly do. They’d rather be watching the latest Netflix drama, but their limited TV time is already taken, and it’s unlikely they will get a look in until the kids have gone to bed.


The Disgusting Bits

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Changing a nappy is gross, but it’s a phase that’s usually over within a few months of a new arrival. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll never be revulsed again. Quite the contrary.

All humans are born with a gag reflex. It’s supposed to help us out if we inadvertently eat something we shouldn’t. But perhaps evolution gave us the reflex for a different reason: so that we could viscerally react to all the disgusting stuff that our kids do. Shall we go into details? Best not to. But if you’re a mum, you’ll know exactly what I mean.


Trying To Get Your Child To Share (It’s Not Easy)

If there’s one thing that’ll have you and your partner speaking to family law experts, it’s the issue of getting your child to share. Kids don’t want to share. They want to have their stuff and for it to be under their total control, regardless of who owns it.

In a way, that’s a good thing: it prepares them for the real world and teaches them the value of personal property. But it can also be a massive hassle when you’d like your child to play nicely with the other kids.

Getting your child to share isn’t always possible, but you can set a good example. Share your ice cream with them or show them a new gadget you’ve bought and let them play with it for a while. You never know, some of your sharing nature could rub off on them.


Pretending That You’re Interested In Their Every Word

For children, the world is a new and exciting place. It’s somewhere that’s full of opportunities and new stuff to explore. The problem is that what’s new for them isn’t necessarily new for you. But because you want your child to be able to talk to you about their interests, you indulge them by pretending that you’re hanging on their every word.

The first couple of dozen times you do this aren’t so bad, but after a while, it really begins to grate. You love your child, but you do wish that they would grow up a little faster so that you can talk about something other than dinosaurs and little ponies.


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