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Self care is a much talked about subject at the moment. With the rise in conversations about mental health it has become a very important part of recovery. However, self care can mean something different to everyone and whether it is grabbing an hour for yourself with a good book, looking after your body or practising something such as writing in a journal every day to help with mental health it is very important. So if you buying a Christmas gift this year for someone who is a great believer in self care or someone who you think might need a bit of self care in their lives I have got some great gift ideas especially for them. Some of them are things to help with a bit of me time and some are to look after the mind and body. You could buy them as a main present or pop them into a little package you are making up yourself.



1 – Self Care Gift Set This gift set from the wonderful Apples and Pips is a perfect set for a bit of me time. It has a gratitude journal, lavender candle, mug and chocolates. The perfect recipe for an evening of self care. The most special part of this gift is that it is made with love by someone who fully understands the need for self care and why it is so important. At a great price of £30 you can make someone really happy with this this Christmas!

2 – Cleansing Shammy If you are making up your own self care package for someone then you can pop one of these lovely cleansing shammy’s in there. They are from Ramer and I can honestly say they are lovely to use. The shammy is designed for sensitive skin and to help cleansing and toning to be super quick. A lovely gift to make your loved one feel pampered.

3 – ‘Project Me for Busy Mothers’ Book The book ‘Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide to Finding a Happier Balance’ by Kelly Pietrangeli is a great read. It starts with an assessment to fill in to see which parts of your life need working on such as personal growth, health or money. It is then packed full of strategies to help improve organisation, happiness and success. I loved this book and now refer to it regularly when I am feeling a bit off balance with life. It is an easy, straightforward read with no jargon and lots and lots of help.

4 – Lion Heart Omega 3 Liquid – From Bare Biology this is another great gift to pop into a self care package. The Omega 3 liquid has amazing health benefits including helping with arthritis, skin, mental health and brain development. Just one spoon of it a day can make someone feel a lot better in themselves. It may seem a strange thing to give as a gift but if you are buying for someone who puts themselves at the bottom of the pile a lot then this could really help them and that’s better than a pair of socks!

5 – Mylee Gel Nail Kit – If you watch my Insta-stories you will know that I do my nails a lot after getting a nail kit for my birthday. It had become my hour a week where I do something for me and really does me good. This kit from Mylee includes everything you need to get started from the lamp itself to the wipes to make your nails shiny. It is a more pricey gift but one that is great for some regular pampering.



6 – Sudocrem Skin Recovery Cream Sudocrem isn’t just for babies bottoms, they do a great moisturiser for grown ups too! This is a lovely stocking filler gift at only £5.99. The cream contains beeswax and lanolin which helps to sooth and restore skin. I use this cream every night and it feels great on my face and has reduced my break outs too. I have tried so many different moisturisers so it”s great to find a good and affordable one to use this winter.

7 – Book Subscription Box – Reading can be a great way to use a bit of self care time and is great for our mental health especially allowing us to completely escape for a little while. There are lots of book subscription boxes out there but I especially liked the one from The Willoughby Book Club where you can buy a gift voucher for someone. There are loads of categories to choose from. I know it would be a gift very well received for a book lover.

8 – ‘I Want to De-stress’ Gift Set Scentered have some lovely ‘I want to…’ gift sets which would be perfect Christmas gifts. They have ones to help escape for a while, sleep and happiness. I have been trying out the de-stress set and love it. Inside the set is a candle and therapy balm and they both smell amazing. This set in particular includes scents of Chamomile and Cederwood to help with feeling stressed and anxious. The therapy balm is great to pop on to help keep calm through the day and perfect to pop in a pocket or handbag.

9 – Self Care Daily Playbook – There are some lovely journals in the shops at the moment to help with mental health especially. Writing can be a great way to help with anxiety in particular. I found a great one from Not on the High Street. The Self Care Daily Playbook has lots of prompts to start off the writing and to help with self care. It also has some lovely affirmations and guided exercises too.



Some of these products were sent to me in return for my honest opinion and parts of this post contain affiliate links. As always all opinions are 100% my own.

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