How To Choose A Great Nursery For Your Child

Choosing the learning establishments your child will go to, it can get pretty stressful. Children spend a considerable period of their daily lives in the care of others unless they are homeschooled. However, when it comes to choosing it can be really difficult to know what will bring out the best in your child. You want them to flourish and explore their own creativity, as well as get an education that will benefit them later in life. A balance like that of this nursery in Wandsworth.

So, what should you be looking for? What can you ask? When you visit what should you keep an eye out for?

Let’s take a look.

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Unless you live in a small place, you will have a number of nurseries in the surrounding area. Go and visit as many as you like. It’s one thing seeing the pictures and another seeing it in person. Ask to see a full session or two, see if you can watch how lunch happens, and what activities they do.

Remember that they will be trying to impress you, but still doing their jobs and the children won’t care so the day will be pretty typical. Don’t bring your nipper along if you can help it, seeing them playing with other children may distract you from the job at hand.

Pay attention to have the teachers interact with the students, the tone of voice used and what discipline methods are used (these should align with your own ideally).



Play is a vital part of learning, so there should be plenty of that going on. Moving on from that, every nursery will have a curriculum they adhere to – which will depend on the type. Montessori, traditional, forest… They all do different things. Try to be honest with yourself about where your child is in terms of writing, reading, and playing with others. Your child should be able to make improvements on their current development by being in your chosen nursery.

Look for evidence of work on the walls, and any accreditation for their teaching, establishment or community activities.


Be Involved

A good school or nursery will want parents as involved as possible. Parents play a vital role in their children’s learning development, they thrive on you turning up and taking part (if it is possible for you to do so). If a nursery tells you they don’t get parents involved or they don’t have plays etc. then run for the hills. Crafts, plays, take home art is all part of the experience.


Play Time

Check out the toys and games. They will get a lot of use, but you still would like to see them in good condition, clean and safe. There will be a range of blocks, colouring space, building areas, outdoor play and more. A carpeted floor will stop the noise in most areas with a linoleum one in the kitchen or messy play area.


Choosing a nursery might be tough to start with but you know your child, and what will work for them and preschool can be such an enjoyable experience when you get the right place.


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