Getting Over Your Post-Christmas Blues

Do you hate January? You certainly aren’t alone. Many of us struggle at this time of year. There’s the empty feeling that comes when the holidays end. We spend months planning and preparing for Christmas. We have a few weeks when there’s so much going on even before the holiday itself. Then, there’s excitement, colour, fun and plenty of food. Everyone is happy, and the world seems to be a better place. But oh so suddenly it’s all over. Months preparing and then it’s all done, just like that. We’re expected to get back to normal, tackle school runs and go back to work as though nothing has happened. 

On top of that, there’s a weird pressure to give things up or make changes. Do you do dry January? Or veganuary? Or, do you make considerable resolutions to quit bad habits or make significant changes to your life? Do you feel like you need a new you for the new year? It can all be quite daunting. Post-Christmas blues are something that many of us struggle with, and the awful weather never helps. 

While there’s not much to be done about the weather, there is a lot that we can do to get over those post-Christmas blues. You might even find yourself able to enjoy January. 


Get Rid of Christmas

Christmas is great, and we often try to enjoy it as much as we possibly can. But it can be hard to go back to normal when you’re still clinging on. You might be keen to start eating more healthily or cutting back on alcohol, but it’s hard when there’s so much temptation. So, give yourself a cut off if you haven’t already. Enjoy Christmas treats, but then stop when your cut off date arrives. Make sure all of your decorations are away, and either use up leftover treats, give them away or hide them. Consider it a clean slate. 


Forget About New You

You probably don’t need a new you. You are probably a pretty good version already. Don’t think about becoming a new person, instead focus on improvement. Keep the things that you love about yourself, highlight them and enjoy them, and make small changes to other areas if you feel the need to. But, dispel any thoughts you might have of a new you. It’s too much pressure, and there’s no need. 


Make Some Plans for the Year Ahead

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Having plans and even booking things in is always a good idea. Arrangements and bookings give us something to look forward to. They keep us going when times get tough, and they provide us with something to strive towards. Plans, perhaps events, days out or holidays help us to stay motivated, and they break up the year. 

If you can’t afford to book holidays or other tickets right now, make plans instead. Speak to friends and put some plans in your diary, even if it’s just for a takeaway and DVD at home, or a lunchtime coffee. Write things down and make bookings when you can. 


Confront Any Money Worries

A common worry at this time of year is money. Many of us are struggling after Christmas, and it can be hard to make ends meet at this time of the year. This is often compounded by our reluctance to share our worries. We often bottle things up, hoping if we ignore our money worries, they will go away, but they rarely do. Talk to a friend or someone else that could help, explore options like Buddy Loans, and take control of your finances. 


Save Some Money

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Saving money, or taking control of your finances is a great way to improve your mood and your confidence in the new year. Things that you could do to improve your financial situation include switching service suppliers, cancelling unused contracts, making cuts to your food budget and other expenditure and opening savings accounts. You might even want to explore the option of starting a side hustle to increase your income. 



Exercise is something that many of us give more attention to in the New Year. But, while most of us go at it hard for a few weeks, gym memberships are often left forgotten in the coming months. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t bother with exercise. Exercising more can give you an enormous mood boost and help you to feel happier and more energetic in the New Year. It can undoubtedly help banish any post-Christmas blues. But, instead of trying to go full out, focus on smaller, more sustainable changes which could last, and improve your health all year, and for years to come. 

Try swimming, going to the gym twice a week, walking more, practising home yoga or joining an exercise class. Then, build up your fitness levels slowly over time. 


Try New Things

The New Year is a fantastic time to try new things. There are more classes and groups available for you to try, and it could be a great chance to try a new hobby. Creative hobbies can offer an excellent outlet for your stress, and joining groups can be an excellent way to make new friends. 


Banish Unrealistic Expectations

It’s tempting to rush into a New Year with wild expectations. You might think that you can gain lots of promotions at work, or that you can lose huge amounts of weight. While goals are a great way to motivate yourself, unrealistic ones can have the opposite effect. 


Replace Them with Plans

Instead of wild expectations, focus on small goals, with plans to help you reach them. Break big targets down, and spend some time working on a plan, think of things that you can do every week, which will help you towards your long-term ambitions. 


Work on Your Social Life

One of the best things about the holidays is seeing friends and family, which is something that many of us don’t have time for during day to day life. Start making plans for your social life. Spend more time with those friends that you might not see often enough. Surround yourself with positivity, and stop spending time with people that bring you down. Your time is precious; use it well. 


This is a collaborative post.

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