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I’m Rachel a 32 year old stay at home mum, wife and blogger from the West Midlands. I have a 5 year old Little Man and a 1 year old Little Lady. However our family story isn’t that simple; Little  Lady is a twin and in July 2016 I delivered both her and her sister at 29 weeks, sadly our 3rd child is an angel baby.


I started blogging after having Little Man because I was suffering from post natal anxiety and I needed somewhere to vent. From then on I was in love. Blogging is my passion and I love to share my story with my lovely readers (that’s you by the way!). I write about anxiety and how to cope with it. I also write about our baby loss experiences coupled up with our story of having a premature baby in neonatal. I love to write about our little boy, our sunshine boy and also books. I love anything to do with teaching children to read and children’s books (I was a childrens librarian up until a few months ago). I enjoy sharing products with you that have helped or enhanced my parenting journey and I love to talk to you all about our lives.



You can find me all over the Internet on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest or you can email me at rachel@mummyintraining.co.uk if you fancy a chat.

If you would like to work together then head over to my contact page for examples of my collaborative work.

I am passionate about supporting other mums who have been through similar experiences as me and holding each others hands to get through the hard times. So lets go on this parenting journey together, it’s much easier with friends.

Mummy in Training is 3 years old now so there are a lot of posts to get through, if you are new here start at the archives and see what takes your fancy.



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