To my beautiful boy, I seem to have blinked and you’re 5. 5 years ago today I had been induced and in labour for the best part of 2 days until you arrived kicking and screaming via c-section. You were 10lbs 6oz and so long; so much of you to love. And here we are 5 years later on another birthday. A birthday which for the first time ever you have had to go to school, something you are not very happy about.  Being 4 has been a tricky age for you; understanding your emotions, learning to share your life… View Post

Trigger Warning: Baby Loss This week is baby loss awareness week. Something which is so close to my heart. If you don’t know my story I lost one of my twin girls when they were born at 29 weeks. It is single-handedly the hardest thing I have ever been through and it needs to be talked about more. To mark it I wanted to share some ways of helping if you have a loved one who has been through this too. I have encountered all sorts of reactions to baby loss and no one is right or wrong. Some are… View Post

I remember the day we bought Little Lady home, it was just over a year ago and it was one of the scariest moments of my life. She was hooked up to a breathing monitor and she was tiny. We were armed with a huge bag of medication for her and I was armed with fear. Could I look after her as well as the nurses did? Was she ready for the big wide world after 9 weeks on the Neonatal ward? Of course she was; she had endured being on oxygen, numerous near death experiences, injections, possible infections, chronic… View Post

One of my weaknesses is things for the house, especially pretty things or things that are a bit different. Things that you don’t see everywhere. I have been looking for a few key pieces to put in our lounge and I was lucky enough to be asked by the company Uncommon Goods to review some of their items and found those key pieces! Uncommon Goods feature the most lovely and unique items. One of the things I really love is that a lot of them are made by individual designers and use recycled or upcycled materials too. If you are… View Post

Right, brace yourselves! I’m going to say it….Christmas. Who’s thought about it yet? To be honest I haven’t normally thought about it yet but it doesn’t hurt to be a little bit early for once! When Christmas Bedding got in touch with me to try out one of their bedding sets I couldn’t resist. We got the Retro Santa set and love it! I will just say the joy on my child’s face when he walked into my bedroom to see Santa on my bed was amazing!! Anyway, we have the set in King Size size but they do a… View Post