Little Lady spent 9 weeks on the Neonatal ward. When I look back I’ve no idea how I did it. I had a 4 year old at preschool and a baby in hospital. I had to split my time, my energy, my attention not only on 2 children which was new to me anyway but 2 children in two different places. Little Lady in the early days was fighting for her life and Little Man was confused about what had happened. Not only had we had to tell him that one of his twin sisters had passed away but that… View Post

Are you a Valentines lover or hater? Or maybe you are somewhere between; you like to get a little gift to mark it but not too fussed about the flowers and chocolates side of things. If this is you then I have put this gift guide together for you. It is full of random ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration if you’re not feeling the hearts and flowers.       1 – Personalised Clothing – Personalised or slogan clothing is a big thing at the moment and you can get some lovely embroidered shirts from brands such… View Post

I decided to cut out alcohol to help my anxiety about 4 months ago. Since then we have had Christmas, I have had a couple of evenings out and have had to say to people that I’m not drinking. I’m a 32 year old mum so you can imagine the look I get straight away! You can see peoples minds going into overdrive and their pregnancy sensors going mad. Nope, I can confirm I am very very very not pregnant. So what made me give up my Saturday night glass of wine? Anxiety made me do it. I started to see… View Post

This isn’t my normal type of post. I keep my ranting to myself because frankly I’m sweary and not very pretty when I do it but a couple of things have happened this week that have spurred me on to write this post. Yesterday, I got trolled. I have had it happen to me once before but to be honest it always shocks me when it happens. I see a lot of the bigger bloggers and vloggers sharing horrific comments that they get and often count myself lucky that I am small enough to not get noticed avoid the trolls. Well… View Post

We went out on Saturday night without the kids. This is something that happens only a few times a year. I am used to being tucked up in bed by 9pm after 5am starts and sometimes it can just feel like too much effort to start getting ready at 7pm. 7pm usually means PJ time not heels time. However once my second wind kicked in and my make up was on it was really nice to leave the kids sleeping soundly and get out. There was good food, good company and although admittedly I was flagging by 10pm I really… View Post