On Saturday I wrote an Instagram post about how different my Saturday nights were now. No more hours of getting ready for a night out but instead cosy cuddles with the kids and early nights ready for the 5am wake up the following Monday. It got me thinking that Christmas was a similar thing. Our Christmas Days were all about food and relaxing and rubbish TV. Now they are about putting batteries in toys and an early wake up because Santa’s been. I love the changes of my Saturday nights and I love the changes of our Christmas times too.… View Post

I really struggle to buy presents for other people kids. You would think that as I am a parent myself that I would know exactly what they would like but unless they are a 5 year old boy or a 1 year old girl I am often pretty stumped. You want to spend your money on something that they are actually going to like and use. If you have similar problems then I may well have the help you need. Wicked Uncle got in touch with me to have a look at their website and some of their products and… View Post

Christmas really is an amazing time of year as a parent. Watching those happy faces when the kids realise Santa came. Actually having time with your family is so precious. However, Christmas can also be a stressful time and I, as an anxiety sufferer don’t always find it the easiest time of year. I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels like this. I have suffered with anxiety for 5 years now so I have definitely learnt some coping strategies to get me through times like Christmas. I have used the word Mum in the title of this post… View Post

Ahh the moment when you get the text from school to say it’s shut due to snow. Great, you think, we will have the most lovely snow day together. You don’t have to rush around in the morning and there is no need to de-ice the car. Perfect. The kids are happy, you are happy. Bring on the snow day! Here are my 5 stages of a snow day. Fresh snow has landed overnight and after a slow start to the day the kids get togged up and head out into the garden to build snowmen and to throw snowballs… View Post

As you know books and reading stories together are massive parts of our family life. We have been reviewing the Shady Bay Buddies series from Cico Kidz this week and we are really enjoying them. Cico Books is a craft publisher so they offer something a little different to the children’s book world. All the characters in the Shady Bay series are crocheted which makes for a really adorable read. The series is all based around childrens firsts. I think it is a great way to introduce new experiences to kids is through books, it really helps them relate to… View Post