I am back with a final Christmas gift guide for new mums and their babies. I always want to get something extra special for friends or family members that are new mums as you know their lives are full of sleepless nights and smelly nappies but I also like to get something a bit different for the babies too. If you have a new mum or a new baby to buy for this year I have put together a list of eight things that I think they will love. 1 My First Christmas Personalised Print – If you are looking… View Post

If you are reading this you may know our back story or you may have just stumbled upon this post because you are looking for advice on how to help a sibling understand baby loss. I lost my daughter at 29 weeks in July 2016; she was stillborn. She was also the twin sister of Little Lady who made it through and a little sister to Little Man. Obviously we are not at the point of telling Little Lady about her sister yet as she is only one but Little Man was nearly four when the girls were born and… View Post

Little Man has been at school for nearly a term now and has started to learn to read. He has really enjoyed learning to read and found a genuine love in looking around and finding he has the ability to sound out a word. This makes me so happy because my background is as a Librarian so I know first hand how important establishing a love of reading is in children. He comes home with a new reading book every day that we have to read together and write about in his reading diary. I don’t just want reading to… View Post

I’m back with another gift guide for this Christmas but this time I have 8 advent calendars that the kids will love. All of a sudden it is the 1st December on Friday and advent calendars seem to be so much more than opening a door to find a bit of chocolate now. So if you are about to start panic buying advent calendars I have done a bit of the hard work for you and have 8 that I think look great. The bonus of buying them late is that quite a few of them have discounts on them… View Post

Accepting my anxiety has been so important in this muddle of an anxious journey. Accepting something which is out of your control is hard in a lot of circumstances. When something chooses you and you don’t choose it, it is sometimes hard to be okay with that. In a way that’s how I felt about my anxiety for a long time. I felt like I had lost control of part of my brain and it just didn’t work the way I wanted it to anymore. I chose to fight it. Unfortunately though, it won. A lot. And in the midst… View Post